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Lullaby sigsla

  • Lullaby - Assemblage 23
    "May you find solace in the gentle arms of sleep Despite the wolves outside your door In time you will see them all as harmless And their idle threats easy to ignore And if ever fate should choose to smite"
  • Lullaby - Jesse Sykes
    "You picked me up, dried me off, You were hopelessly devoted to my darkest hour. Like you, I broke every rule, Just so I'd be close to you. Well, I was just your passenger, Hoping you wouldn't see"
  • Lullaby - Breaking Pangaea
    "When we reached the car, we found it wasn't there. She asked to hold my hand. I said I didn't care. Though it made her angry, that was the day we feel in love. It makes no difference today. And the money"
  • Lullaby - Closterkeller
    "Together we were holding hands Fighters in the graffiti land In darkness firing at the city walls Spray guns the weapon of our generation And you sleep I speak to you There's something in the shadows I"
  • Lullaby - Alice Cooper
    "I was the boy who said all of my prayers Laid my clean face on the pillow Tucked in real tight, so safe and secure Through the night I heard a noise, it was probably nothing It pulled me right out of a"
  • Lullaby - Gabriel Mann
    "I Was the Boy Who Said All of My PrayersLaid My Clean Face On the PillowTucked in Real Tight, So Safe and SecureThrough the NightI Heard a Noise, It Was Probably NothingIt Pulled Me Right Out of a DreamIf"
  • Lullaby - New Model Army
    "So where do we begin? It must be thirty-five years . . .You've the breath of my mother, the life of a stranger;and there's so much to tell - so much I need to know.All of the stories, and reasons But your"
  • Lullaby - Lovin' Spoonful
    "The end of the world is a windy place Where the eagle builds her nest of lace I rock you asleep in the cradle of end Listen, baby, to the wind The end of the world is a broken glass Where the goldfish"
  • Lullaby - Obsidian Voice
    "Your pillow's wet, your sweat is cold you fear the stories you've been told your parents will stay out all night your trembling hand turns on the light Your room is empty, noone's there and still you sense"
  • Lullaby - Anti-Hero
    "Close your eyes, go to sleep For in your head, you will meet your dreams You were told to forget these things So now, you live only in your dreams And I know what it's like And I don't wanna live like"

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