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  • Give Myself A Party - Mandy Barnett
    "I've got a lot of memories To last me the rest of my life So if you don't wanna love me Baby, that'd be all right I'm gonna take all the lovin' That I have for you I'm-a gonna take all the loneliness Sit"
  • Who (Who Will It Be) - Mandy Barnett
    "Who, who will it be? How will I know? When will I see? You light up my dreams I can't stop wondering who Who, who will it be? Who, just like me Needs someone too? Love them just like I do I can't stop"
  • The Whispering Wind - Mandy Barnett
    "When the whispering wind blows on by Autumn leaves start to fly When the whispering wind Blows on by What'll I do to keep me warm? When it comes, winter storm What'll I do To keep me warm? What'll"
  • Trademark - Mandy Barnett
    "A little bit of croonin' A little bit of spoonin' A little bit of swoonin' And a lot of honeymoonin' Now that's my trademark Oh, that's my trademark Well, there's no denyin' You'll soon be sighin' That's"
  • Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings - Mandy Barnett
    "And then those funny, familiar, forgotten feelings Started walking all over my mind Last night, quietly, you walked through my mind As I lay searching for sleep Your hand reached out, you whispered my"
  • Falling, Falling, Falling - Mandy Barnett
    "My heart is breaking, darling As the many tears are falling Falling, falling, falling just for you My eyes are burning, darling While my heart is sad and yearning Yearning, yearning, burning just for you You"
  • With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming - Mandy Barnett
    "With my eyes wide open, I'm dreaming Can it be true, I'm holding you close to my heart? With my eyes wide open, I'm dreaming You're with me now sharing a vow never to part I'm so afraid to close my eyes Afraid"
  • I'm Gonna Change Everything - Mandy Barnett
    "Yeah, I'm gonna change everything That holds a memory of you, oh yeah I'm gonna start with the walls Take the pictures off the walls and burn 'em Move the chairs around Take the window curtains down and"
  • Mistakes - Mandy Barnett
    "We make mistakes when we worry All over nothing at all We make mistakes that bring heartaches And the teardrops fall like raindrops We make mistakes and feel sorry When we've made someone blue But I made"
  • Ever True Evermore - Mandy Barnett
    "Ever true evermore will I be Ever constant my heart like the sea Everlasting is my love Like the sun that reigns above And the stars that shine through all eternity Ever true is the song that I sing Evermore"

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