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Melanie C I Love You Without Trying

  • Without You - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "I hear your footsteps down the hall I check my messages but I don't hear you call I think of days gone by and now I wonder why you left me But I can't go on without you without you Sometimes I wander on"
  • Without you - US5
    "I like when you wisper softlythings that i should hear that lead me ongo home.I like the way that you're smiling at memake me feel like nothing can go wronggo home.Tell me this will last for everdon't"
  • Without You - Skambomambo
    "Without You If you don’t Like us, We don’t like you. I won’t beg please, I won’t say thank you, We can do without you. If you Don’t want us, then we don’t want you, My life is not your life, and we can"
  • Without You - Brooke Fraser
    "The sky opens up Over me and you And you don't seem to mind That we're soaked through You kiss me in the rain I forget what I'm moaning about And I know I wouldn't be the same Without you I wouldn't"
  • Without You - Code 64
    "I don't know where you are I don't know why you left Please come back to me I'd love to have you near I do not know where you are I do not know why you left But I do know That I miss you Where are you"
  • Without You - Blue
    "I couldn't live without my cellphone, I couldn't live without my 4 x 4, I couldn't live without my credit card, I couldn't live without you. Funny how the little things, we can't do without, Make you"
  • Without You - Kubb
    "We used to love each other And now Im having to discover That all is not what it seems And Im bleeding Its so hard to let you go No, No, No. Chorus Without You Without You No, No, No I"
  • Without You - Tobias Jesso Jr.
    "Why can't you just love me? Should I move on or should I wait? How'd you get so high above me? I reach higher every day But nothing changes No, it all just stays the same I can hardly breathe without you There"
  • Without You - Pietasters
    "Got some books but I got no brain, I said I try my heart it's far too vain Got my house, but I lost my home, I said without you I'm all alone Got my bed, but I can't sleep, because your love I just can't"
  • Without You - Lizz Wright
    "So you roam, and you roam You say that no place is your home. So I will roam, too I don't wanna stay without you. There's nothing here, nothing here. It's time for me to disappear If love won't come through. I"

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