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  • Fighter - Rude Buddha
    "You must have felt so far from home, in your own house and wondering what you did and why they're yelling, you can't live like this i know, all you ever really wanted, was to laugh and carry on chorus"
  • Baylor Drive - Rude Buddha
    "Its just another day, filled with red light questions, screamin' down the road doing 65, thinking about this green eyed girl and what she said to me, i've got a cigarette lit and my pride's by my side,"
  • Runaway - Rude Buddha
    "I'm running away just for a moment If I stay here I'll go insane I cant stop looking at your pictures they make Sunday morning feel like Monday but without you I'm broken when I was happy I could"
  • No Place Like Home - Rude Buddha
    "I'm living outta suitcase, i packed my bags and ran just as far away, as i can, yeah, now a days, i don't feel the same about myself and the man, i know i am someone help me find a piece of mind cause"
  • You Are You - Rude Buddha
    "It's just one of those days, when you feel like staring straight into the sun, and you're stoked that the mornings come, hard times come and go man, what's the fuss? cause you've got a secret, you are"
  • Games - Rude Buddha
    "I'm sitting outside your house tonight So many things I want to say but do I have the right Just give me five minutes to suck up my pride I took you for granted its time to fight for what's mine if"
  • Take It Easy - Rude Buddha
    "How am i supposed to know, just how you feel, and what you're thinking, how am i supposed to think, that this is real, as you walk out of the door, and leave me wanting more chorus should i take it"
  • Cry - Rude Buddha
    "Sometimes I feel like No one listens to me Sometimes I fake a smile How did you notice you must know me so well Hell if I ever hurt you I wanna cry Sometimes, I'm wrapped up so tight inside What"
  • Down - Rude Buddha
    "Lately I've been thinking about these monsters that are dragging me into the ground should I go out drinking or am I running away running away from myself So I sniffed it up (repeat) All I wanted"
  • Lesbian Song - Rude Buddha
    "When you go to bed at night who are you thinking of when you turn out your lights are you thinking of me, yeah? Cause I'm sitting all alone with my record collection just waiting touching myself"

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