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Naomi Shelton

  • Ol' red - Blake Shelton
    "Well I caught my wife with another man And it cost me ninety nine On a prison farm in Georgia Close to the Florida line Well I'd been here for two long years I finally made the warden my friend And so"
  • On a good day - Blake Shelton
    "On A Good Day, when I think about herI only cry a couple hundred tearsOn A Good Day, when I cant forget about herI can dull the pain with just a couple beersOn A Good Day I can even fake a smileWhen somebody"
  • Playboys of the southwestern world - Blake Shelton
    "This is a song About best friends John Roy Was a boy I knew Since he was three And I was two Grew up two little houses Down from me The only two bad apples On our family tree Kind of ripened and rotted"
  • Problems at home - Blake Shelton
    "Fires are burning up the forests Down along the Amazon There's children starving in Guatemala They're just barely hanging on And I pray they'll find the answer That there's a way to right the wrong And"
  • Same old song - Blake Shelton
    "Now I love country music And I guess I always will But these days, when I turn on the radio It's just not the same thrill I like a song that gives me chillbumps Now and then there's some that still do"
  • All over me - Blake Shelton
    "There was a time I really used to care about what others thought And the way they talk In a crowd I used to pull away when she would kiss my face And touch my hair She didn't care who saw She was all over"
  • Asphalt cowboy - Blake Shelton
    "The sun has opened up my eyes And I don't wanna leave your side For that lonesome road but here I go Climbing back behind the wheel Of fifty feet of chrome and steel And a load they need in Chicago Through"
  • Home Sweet Home - Blake Shelton
    "I look out across corn rows from a dirt road Babys kicked back in the front seat Got her bare fit hanging out the window We take a trip down memory lane Dirt on the truck, no chance of rain My third"
  • I'll Just Hold On - Blake Shelton
    "I can taste your kiss on my lips And I'm wrapped around your finger tips As I watch the moonlight dancing on your skin Your green eyes and the sweet red wine Go to my head girl every time And I get"
  • Never Lovin' You - Blake Shelton
    "Now listen to me, this here is how it used to be..... I can see the day that I wont wanna hang out with the boys all night Yeah and I can see a day when I'll walk off this dead end job for good And"

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