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  • Leafy Lane - Kirsty Hawkshaw
    "Walking down leafy lane In a shady dream People pass me by Finding reason for flight But I don't feel that keen When the spark in your eye Starts to fade It's just what you needed Lazy acres Under my feet Nearly"
  • Memor lane - Adam Sandler
    "ADAM SANDLER Miscellaneous Memor lane "Hey, it's great to have us all out on a road trip again this is gonna be fun" "Whoa,do you smell that skunk" "Yeah "You know, even though it stinks it kinda reminds"
  • Destiny Lane - Bliss N Eso
    "From a crooked cottage on the hill, I can see tomorrow's rain Rumble through destiny, Down a Sleepy Hollow lane If we're all merely players In a play on this great stage The problem is the script writers Ain't"
  • Mandy Lane - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "Theres a sundown girl, her name is Mandy Lane Shes a free-livin mama on a high-level plane Gentleman calls at her front gate You can hear him holler both early and late Keep on truckin mama, truckin till"
  • Arbor Lane - Spitalfield
    "You said you would call me or write me aletter. Now I know that forever is not that far from here. You said you were on my side from the start. It's funny how things they work out and our square's not"
  • Crucifiction Lane - Procol Harum
    "You'd better listen anybody, 'cos I'm gonna make it clear That my life is unimportant; What I've done I did through fear There's a river running through me: On its tide I tried to hide Nonetheless I could"
  • Memory Lane - Foxy Brown
    "Verse 1 : Hip-hop...Brooklyn...Damn the rap game and change/ Everytime I turn around niggas spit niggas names/ 96 was when the love was real/ When Big came and took the whole Brooklyn to fame/ Straight"
  • Memory Lane - Lemur Voice
    "A door closes, the locks are sealed, the voices remain No breath taken, reliving stabs of the past Resignation in fear Just sigh and inhale, the air will harden Trapped in your fake defence, you swallow There's"
  • Memory lane - Adam Sandler
    ""Hey, it's great to have us all out on a road trip again this is gonna be fun" "Whoa,do you smell that skunk" "Yeah "You know, even though it stinks it kinda reminds me of growing up" "It kinda"
  • Red Lane - Hunters & Collectors
    "I drove you down the dirty track Heard you hissing in the Redlane Come on you thirsty little pilgrim We're moving house again Make your back get longer You'll see it sweat behind a barrow And if this trip"

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