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Phoenix vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania

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Phoenix vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania
  • Gamma Ray Heavy metal mania
    "Inside the power cage, I can feel the music of my ageIt's paranoid first degree, It's telling me that I'm not freeI've got Heavy Metal Music in my blood,And I'd like to get it to you if I could.As I lie"
  • Cathedral Phoenix rising
    "Alter of the sun god,We melt before your flames.Children of darknessBound in human chainsHellfire kindles the hatred in our heartsAll love has frozen from you, we are torn apartTo the sun we are blindAs"
  • Alpha Rev Phoenix Burn
    "I need love that will release me keep me honest, keep me happy I need a peace with understanding Trying to find a softer landin I wanna know when I can change this Or give it up and just embrace it I need"
  • The Cult The Phoenix
    "Yeah Oh, dig this Like the heat from a thousand suns that burns on Rising ever higher A phoenix from a pyre My eternal desire I'm on fire I'm on fire I'm on fire I'm on fire Like a kiss from"
  • Nada Surf River Phoenix
    "born to hippie parents given a different name which he caught much flak for the world was his oyster and hollywood the clam when he grew up he joined a hippie band he was directed by gus van zandt we'd"
  • Thrice Phoenix Ignition
    "Like a phoenix ignition like a crematorium Like a swelling volition from the barrel of a gun From the ashes and the embers like a rocket I'll ascend Like a cry gone up for a fallen friend Like a cry gone"
  • Septic Flesh Burning Phoenix
    "If you ever hear the song of a dying phoenix don't let sadness close your ears you may offend the secret face of nature It is not a mourning but a hymn. If you ever see the bright pyre strip the nightly"
  • Fall Out Boy The Phoenix
    "Put on your war paint You are a brick tied to me that’s dragging me down Strike a match and I’ll burn you to the ground We are the jack-o-lanterns in July Setting fire to the sky Here, here comes this"
  • Reveille The Phoenix
    "The phoenix, no longer a myth So strike a match and watch it burn Our destination's rigor mortis Cause nobody listens and nobody learns And your world rejects my kind And those words have lost their"
  • Coil Circles Of Mania
    "Nero's long hot tongue Nero's long hot tongue licks... This is the sound Of the world turning round The underground sound This is the sound of the world turning round The world spinning round. You get"

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