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Ramones - It

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Ramones - It
  • Ramones I Believe In Miracles
    "I used to be on a endless run Believe in miracles 'cause i'm one I've been blessed with the power to survive And after all these years i'm still alive I'm outta here kickin' with the band I'm no longer"
  • Ramones I Can't Control Myself
    "I can't stand still cause you've got me goin' Your slacks are low and your hips are showin' I take"
  • Ramones She's A Sensation
    "She's a sensation She's a sensation She looks so sweet She's a sensation She's a sensation Good enough to eat She's a sensation Oh-oh-oh She looks a so fine She's a sensation She's a sensation I'm gonna"
  • Ramones The Shape Of Things To Come
    "There's a new sun Risin' up angry in the sky And there's a new voice Sayin' "we're not afraid to die" Let the old world make believe It's blind and deaf and dumb But nothing can change the shape of things"
  • Ramones Swallow My Pride
    "Winter is here and it's going on two years swallow my pride And things were looking very grim but they're looking good again Swallow my pride Loose lips sink ships, they say but isn't it always that"
  • Ramones I'm Not Jesus
    "Don't wear a crown of thorns Got no holes in my hand Don't accuse me of that crime Don't hang me up to dry It's not me It's not me It's not me Don't wanna die for your sins Got no special powers Sacrifice"
  • Ramones Bye Bye Baby
    "Woke up thinking bout you today Why does it have to be this way We drove each other crazy Bye bye babe Bye bye baby Well I guess it's over and it's done We had some good tiimes and we had fun We drove"
  • Ramones No Go
    "I got a call late saturday night alright Yeah I got a call late saturday night alright Beat, dead, burnt out from the night before I wanted to go but couldn't take it no more Beat, dead, burnt out you"
  • Ramones Time Has Come Today
    "Time has come today Young hearts can go their way Can't put it off another day I don't care what others say They say we don't listen anyway Time has come today, hey The room has changed today I have no"
  • Ramones Cabbies On Crack
    "Guided to a path, Broadway, 59 Took off like a blast Almost lost my mind - oh, oh Cabbies on crack It first felt like at thrill ride Excited for a while Got pretty scary swerving at 100 miles an hour"

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