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  • Do It For The Kids - Velvet Revolver
    "Went too fast, ran out of luck And I don't even give a fuck I wanna be your manchild Let's all go it hog-wild She said I'll see you later I always gravitate to her Let's all meet at the station No heavy"
  • Big Machine - Velvet Revolver
    "I don't know Because she says so He's a faggot boy The TV says so He's a junkie piece of shit Because he says so All that first-class jet set Brings me down, down, down All that first-class drug shit"
  • Illegal I Song - Velvet Revolver
    "One fine day I'll settle down When you bloody me I ran aground With my broken face And fisted cuff Fuck the rest and All their stuff I don't anymore I don't anymore Just look and you'll see me"
  • Spectacle - Velvet Revolver
    "Take two to break and three to go Hold me back you spectacle (Mother fcker yeah) Kick me down with broken bones You picked a fight now stand your ground You talk about it Don't know what you want"
  • Headspace - Velvet Revolver
    "Me, I'm a man Who is trudging Best I can Through a minefield Built to blast Can I make it Will I last? Free my mind, levitate Don't let any of those Fuckers in my headspace Please, let me be"
  • Superhuman - Velvet Revolver
    "I'm a superman I wanna be your superman I'm a superman I wanna be your superman What you get is a crash Course to be a man But a man is a Destination never known Sometimes dressed up like A red"
  • Set Me Free - Velvet Revolver
    "You operate and motivate On synthetic fuel You're mother nature And an atom bomb As long as you're kept Full of pretty bodies Your little secret Will be safe with me Around again Insane again It"
  • You Got No Right - Velvet Revolver
    "I fell through the ice She won't be coming back again It never wins to lie She said you'll never Have no rights (She said you'll never Have no rights) (No rights) I've took it farther on the outside"
  • Slither - Velvet Revolver
    "Hey! Hey! Hey! When you look you See right through me Cut the rope I fell to my knees Born and broken Every single time Always keep me Under finger That's the spot Where you run to me Might see"
  • Dirty Little Thing - Velvet Revolver
    "Can't stop thinkin' Must've been trippin' This evening My mind is racing demons And all of my feelings are numb Yeah and when I roll With my head in the wind And I feel like the king of the Dead"

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