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  • Ariel Pink Don't Turn Back / 2008
    "You may see a shadow up the road And you may get scared And you may see the shoreline that you weren't aware of But don't turn back But don't turn back wonderin' Anyway you passing all your stations And"
  • Ariel Pink Damage Done
    "Somebody tell me about the rhythym of the four floor Somebody tell me about the rhythym of the dance floor Somebody tell me about the I need to know about the Somebody tell me about some belief The"
  • Ariel Pink Sensitive Man
    "pickin' my skin in the evenin' lookin' at the dark day made up my mind one of a kind so, listen to what i say my back is crippled like a victim my face can't grow even hairs but i look better than you"
  • Ariel Moore Living On The Edge
    "O..., yea Gotta catch my breathe and feel my heart beat Aint nobody left, just got my two feet. To carey me on, their playing my song Been waiting for so long To see the lights turn on, hear the hands"
  • Ariel Moore Stronger (with Alexandria)
    "I felt so alone It's how you made me feel Pushed back from my dreams The world was spinning Well I stood still The waves crash all around Beating me down But I will not drown Tired of feeling bound So"
  • Ariel Lin Er Zuo Ju
    "Wo zhao bu dao hen hao de yuan yin Qu zu dang zhe yi qie de qing yi Zhe gan jue tai qi yi Wo bao qian bu neng shuo ming Wo xiang xin zhe ai qing de ding yi Qi ji hui fa sheng ye bu yi ding Feng wen rou"
  • Ariel Rivera Pangako
    "Bakit, lagi kang nagdududa Ayaw mong maniwalang Pagibig ko ay tunay... Inaamin ko, ako ang nagkasala... Naiwan mong nagdurusa Sa pagkakamali ko... ooh woh... oo wohh... Pangako, di na mauulit... Hindi"
  • Ariel Pink Picture Me Gone
    "Let's make a toast to glory days When you were 8 and I was only 41 I dedicate this selfie to the little guy Who will outlast me when I'm done Look into my camera lens And straight through me I see that"
  • Ariel Pink Dayzed Inn Daydreams
    "I died unknown Stillborn, one morning Letters on paper They remain At least my work is done The picture's gone But the memory lingers on Farewell This one's for you I used to dream Dream away Hide in"
  • Ariel Kill Him If Summer Ends
    "And how I love to glow. Oh, grace! I'm too open to close. Too much alcohol and few hour calls makes our time worth more. Different records play pretty loud but they never sound the same, different records"

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