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Saintseneca Visions

  • Visions In My Head - Monoral
    "These visions in my head How can this be Everytime you blow my mind I can sense that special something Illusions in my head How can this be Everytime you turn me down I can sense that special something You"
  • Visions Of The World - Pato Banton
    "There I was slumber on my bed a million thoughts running through my head thoughts of how it ought to be. All races joined in harmony one love one God one destiny me for you and you for me. Some may say"
  • Visions of a future - Templars
    "The years go by and things have changed and many things are no long gone And things are getting worse but still you say there's nothing wrong What makes you think there'll be a change What makes you think"
  • Visions Of A Sunset - Shawn Stockman
    "Oh Yeah Lived all my days trying to embrace Life with my heart by all the beauty I feel and create it spins and moves Flows at my pace telling its story From the tear running down my face (Chorus:)"
  • Ethereal Visions Part I - Aes Dana
    "This night, life is hanging heavily in me, as an oppressing burden, Repugnant by her irony of intoxicating happiness, Irritating by her provoking cynicism, As she attempts to atone for the little strength"
  • Lost Visions Of Sanity - Cryptal Darkness
    "The emptyness and the pain I live my life in vein This sorrow I forsake Lost happiness I take Alone I face my darkest hour Alone without my sanity Shattered memories of my life Lost love flows a river"
  • Dark Visions by Candlelight - Amortis
    "The Shade of an whispering Spirit Came crying to my Bed Its cold dead Lips have cursed me And brought me endless Pain My Flesh is getting colder Years passed in just one Night Restlessly I'm wandering"
  • Visions In My Mind - H-Town
    "Oh... yeah... say yeah... ooo... check it out listen... Beatin on our woman Never exist to life Who's head in charge Depends on skills not rights Beiing all she can be Never been touched in the army And"
  • Visions Of The Night - The Police
    "Words and music by Sting Sleep lay behind me like a broken ocean Strange waking dreams before my eyes unfold You lay there sleeping like an open doorway I stepped outside myself and felt so cold Take a"
  • Black Visions (Scarecrows Ii) - Nasum
    "Open your eyes - what do you see? A world in ruins and a corrupt society Is this how our future will be? Masstarvation and sicknesses - reality! Unified thoughts means nothing to me As the scarecrows control"

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