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Seether Tonight

  • Tonight - Charlie Robison
    "Where are you going They say you never know But I remember laughing Wherever I'd go A flirt or a flame or a friend or a fight Can't come home now Mom Cause anything might happen tonight Well your eyes"
  • Tonight - Kool And The Gang
    "Tonight, ooooh This is the night you'll see the light Tonight, ooooh This is the night you'll see the light My 16th birthday I was so shy Not yet a man but ready to try Music playing people saying"
  • Tonight - The Afters
    "Time after time I'm reminded that I fall apart When I run away from you Even when every mistake Leaves me broken and bruised I can hold on to you Tonight, tonight we're gonna put it all, put it all behind Tonight,"
  • Tonight - The Benjamin Gate
    "Could there be this much darkness In one night so long Could there be enough love To combat this night stretching on I will dig my trench in hope It won't be my grave My spirit is more than My flesh is"
  • Tonight - Amiel
    "Open the door let the dawn inside you've been up all night again and don't remember crying now i'm here for you and the day will break so you don't have to Dreams have fallen in your head and i know there"
  • Tonight - Jaci Velasquez
    "Sometimes I feel the rain Fall on the twilight of the day Watch the world fade away Through all the stains of time In the far corner of my mind All the dreams I left behind You'll find But tonight, I'm"
  • Tonight - Too Sorry For Apologies
    "Verse 1 Sometimes the feeling stays The same heart but a new face And we all know how it feels to be left out Chorus But tonight but tonight we're holding Won't give up won't give in we're standing strong We'll"
  • Tonight - Xscape
    "Come a little bit closer and look into my eyes, If only for a moment, boy don't be surprised. I want you right here next to me, So tell me we can spend some time. So I can hold you softly, In these gentle"
  • Tonight - The Underdog Project
    "Heyy, He-HEy CHORUS: Tonight is the night, girl What can I do You've got me goin crazy for u Tonight is the night, girl What can I say Wanna get with u in every way Tonight is the night Tonight"
  • Tonight - Plus One
    "I wanna walk down 3rd street slow Drive up and down the coast Watching the sunset hang while God puts on His show I want a life outside my own a stranger that everybody knows i want to kill the ghost that"

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