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Shelby Lynne - Leavin'

  • Workin' On Leavin' The Livin - Modest Mouse
    "In heaven everything is fine In heaven everything's alright In heaven everything is fine In heaven everything is fine In heaven Working on livin' I'm working on leaving I'm working on leaving the living Love"
  • Leavin' Louisiana In The Broad Daylight - Rodney Crowell
    "(Rodney Crowell) Lord, Mary took to running with a travelin' man Left her momma crying with her head in her hands Such a sad case, so broken hearted She say momma, I got to go, I gotta get outta here I"
  • Leavin' That Cowgirl With The Blues - Adam Gregory
    "He's been riding that rodeo From town to town From show to show He's got a restless wandering soul His horse and saddle is his home And she loves him more than he knows Yeah she loves him enough to let"
  • You Ain't Leavin' (Thank God Are Ya) - Toby Keith
    "Till death do us part is what she told that preacher man Now she says this ain't worth dyin' for She's had all she can't stand She's boxed up momma's china, it's loaded on the truck She's just got started"
  • Leavin' Seems To Be The Goin' Thing - Trick Pony
    "(James Garrett/Ira Dean/Keith Burns) Three months ago Tom and Becky Jones had a fight She left hi overnight Then my next-door neighbor said his woman gave him fits He up and called it quits The couple"
  • Gonna Be Better - Shelby Lynne
    "Been chasing my tail for years Flying by running from terror and fear Time to think clearly for the place I've been holding out for My feet are getting wetter It's gotta be better over there My radio"
  • I Don't Think So - Shelby Lynne
    "I've heard you say a thousand times You don't even like me Felt your painful stabs at me You don't even like me How could anybody love you so And wait on no return As my feet dragged on the floor My heart"
  • I'm Alive - Shelby Lynne
    "Engines rev and trumpets roar I don't hear your voice no more And living isn't worth the fear of dying Wrapped up package torn up clothes Empty days and deep dark holes The only thing that keeps a man"
  • I Will Stay - Shelby Lynne
    "You stood there wearing the night Look in my eyes, no surprise That I wanted, to love you You took me in your mind I took the time, to realize I love you But this time, I will stay Daylight nears your"
  • Lonesome - Shelby Lynne
    "Lonesome, lonesome and blue. My arms want to hold you, In dreams that come true. Lonesome, oh, where are you? These eyes want to hold you and see you. I'm lonesome and blue. My hands long touch you and"

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