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Silence maya

  • Silence - ACIDMAN
    "Tsuyoku nezuku kigi no uta ga, oto wo hisome shiroi iki wo yadosu DEEP FOREST why do you stay? motome tsuzukeru wagami to DEEP FOREST why do you stay? tomori tsuzukeru hokori to Tariru mono wo tarinu"
  • Silence - One Dollar Short
    "I want to light a match and set you on fire I want to watch you fall twelve stories to the sidewalk below I want to hold a loaded gun to your head Semi automatic 15 rounds/one in the chamber The edges"
  • Silence - Vinnie Paz
    "(Vinnie Paz) Yo, I mastered the flow, I know death more than Lazarus know, And me defeated is infrequent like Nazareth snow, Hold your earnings cuz I ask so your ashes can blow, Hold the burner in the"
  • Silence - Visions Of Atlantis
    "All those precious moments lost in space and time For the only reason she's not of my kind Everything seems so small when I hold her close Everything great is mine, even sunrise "Never to let me go" for"
  • Silence - The Beautiful Mistake
    "Wait awhile for me. Because I am just not ready. I beg to see your face. But all I see and all I hear is nothing. Nothing. Where did you go? Far away? 'Cause I can't see your face here. Where did"
  • Silence - Majestic
    "My head is turning me With the force from killing hand Doesn't leave, nothing it's heavenly Don't know, you know I'm losing everything for the first time I'm out of love Left behind shivering destiny Mystery"
  • Silence - Mad Caddies
    "Silently approaching creeping through the night Shadows below the radar hide from unsuspecting light You can't see it coming but you feel it near The eminent destruction pulls you down into the fear. Chorus: Now"
  • Silence - Gigi D'Agostino
    "Stay with me forever Sharing love together Keep my dream alive Touch with me the sky Is got to be the reason Share with you my freedom Steal a ray of sun While I'm here with you You must come"
  • Silence - God Module
    "Sequence changes Actions relate Sequence changes Now actions are too late Rip this from behind your eyes Chaos creates chaos Reverse binary religion Sacrament Religion Reverse everything I see It becomes"
  • Silence - DJ Tiesto
    "Give me releaseWitness meI am outsideGive me peaceHeaven holds a sense of wonderAnd i wanted to believeThat i'd get caught upWhen the rage in me subsidesPassion choke the flower'til she cries no morePossessing"

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