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Syn narkotyki

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Syn narkotyki
  • System Syn Subtlety
    "times are coming to a close and doors are creeping open ever wider as the night moves on and you don't follow suit take my hint I'm less than subtle take my hand and feel it's cold watch my eyes now look"
  • System Syn Premeditated
    "he didn't set up the rhyme with meaningless words as you predicted, or assumed everything was calculated every words had purpose just not always on the surface but you couldn't look below life is fast"
  • System Syn Man Made
    "don't think I'm unaffected because I act like nothing happened I do that just to save face but your words came heavy and your words hit hard and I was affected yes, your words hurt when they're pointed"
  • System Syn Into My Veins
    "Id connect you to my veins if youd live up to your name if youd feed me your life just to see if I came and I would claim you as a spoil of war and swear that there is nothing more than you and I and the"
  • System Syn If
    "if it makes you stronger if it makes you want less and care more if we are more than objects if I can come inside you if you will not be tested if we all wish for death if you don't want to fuck me if"
  • System Syn Glass
    "I possess no mementos of the time we spent together whether that's for the better, we best not say so let's stare at the holes in the back of our heads through the holes in our hands that we fold to pray and"
  • System Syn Existence In Neutral
    "did we ever pay a price for our petty lives our pretty lies and alibis the crimes for which we feigned remorse the time when what was mine was yours but youre alive and Im alive so what else can we say Im"
  • System Syn All That Now Has Left Your Reach
    "she says you'll regret this ten years down the line in the same way that she now feels the sting from the void of the spark that she brought to my eye and only now do I think she's right though ten years"
  • System Syn Tracing Veins
    "I take nothing from this I walk away holding air just barely in my lungs aspirating blood from choking on these memories of fantasies that there will be a light for me there will be no light in this hollow there"
  • System Syn Holding Pattern
    "so you have faith in fairytales do you have faith in me but god's not status blind and our words were all allusions don't we understand and I told you that I knew that you knew you smiled at me I smiled"

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