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Tak������e me chairc

  • Take On Me - Vision Divine
    "(A-ha Cover) Talking away I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway Today's another day to find you Shine away I'm coming for your love okay Take on me (Take on me) Take me on (Take on me) I'll"
  • Take Me Back - Chad Siwik
    "Take me back This is a story about the beginning I don't care what they have said for all I know we could be dead take this chance and lead the way take me back to my escape I don't care of consequences taking"
  • Take Me Home - Triple 8
    "Take me home This girl, got a hold of me, Make me stop, Make me wanna see, Then just a beautiful smile, And now I know I'll never let her slide, Find a way I gotta get inside, Intend on making you mine, (Tell"
  • Take Me Back - Mungo Jerry
    "Oh, take me back, take me back, won't do nothing you don't like Oh, take me back, take me back, won't do nothing you don't like I'll chop your wood, chop your wood, I'll light your fire, treat you good I'll"
  • Take Me Home - H-Blockx
    "looking for them streetcaf looking for that face, a night after a day a day I made love to empty dreams and nothing's like what it seems nothing's like what it seems to be nomore freedom's kissed by loneliness somebody"
  • Take Me On - The Hellacopters
    "Come on, I want you, take me on Take me in, we should be long gone Been long looking, where have you been I'll kick down the door, if you don't let me in Take me on, take me in Roll up your sleeves and"
  • Take Me Higher - Lincoln Brewster
    "Take not Your Spirit from me Lord lead me to Your peace For my one desire is to be with You Come cleanse my life and make me pure Won't you wrap me up in Your arms and CHORUS Take me higher and draw me"
  • Take Me Back - Point Of Grace
    "Been too long chasing selfish dreams Seeking only what my heart desired for I drifted so far away it seems From the truth that set my soul on fire How many times will it take for me to see You're the"
  • Take Me Home - Wanda Jackson
    "I was wrong in blaming you and the fool for leaving to If it's too late to say I'm sorry that we're through Could you search your heart and see if there's still a place for me If there is come and get"
  • Take Me Back - Bryan Adams
    "I shoulda seen it coming I shoulda seen the signs Didn't really think that she needs me Must've 'bin blind She didn't give me a warning Said I shouldn't treat you wrong But when I woke up this mornin'"

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