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Tani dra������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Dry County Girl - Rascal Flatts
    "A tall drink of water in a cotton dress That preacher's daughter, she sure is blessed As sunlight passes through the fabric so soft You can imagine what goes through my thoughts She says there'll be"
  • High And Dry - Kenny Chesney
    "last night I think I put that homefire out, I came in late and lit to a cold dark house. I guess she thinks she's got me good this time She took all of hers and most of mine. She left me High but I ain't"
  • Dry Your Eyes - Neil Diamond
    "Dry your eyes and take your song out It's a newborn afternoon And if you can't recall the singer You can still recall the tune Dry your eyes and play it slowly Like you're marching off to war Sing it"
  • Dry Your Eyes - Frank Sinatra
    "(N.Diamond, R.Robertson) Dry your eyes, and take your song out, it's a newborn afternoon. If you can't recall the singer, you can still recall the tune. Dry your eyes and play it slowly, like you're"
  • High And Dry - Chesney Kenny
    "Last night I think, I put that home fire out Came in late and lit to a cold dark house I guess she thinks, she's got me good this time She took all of hers and most of mine She left me high but I ain't"
  • Dry Your Eye - B5
    "Girl theirs somthing thats telling me that your in need of company and u need it now so im willing to comfort you for all, all the pain that ur going through so baby dont (Girl dont cry) Baby dont cry (Dry"
  • Hearts Run Dry - Gerry Rafferty
    "Hearts run dry, something happens when two hearts run dry That you can't explain, no you don't know why, oh no oh no Love grows cold, meanwhile life goes on and the young grow old And you've seen too many"
  • Left To Dry - Shaimus
    "She was left alone to dry To contemplate the things that her other half denied And a wave of grief in sight Was cresting and the crash had drowned all her thoughts inside She was left alone today To think"
  • Out To Dry - Live
    "The dust had just settled She's wonderin', what happens now? I don't know where I am I've never seen this place before Am I dreamin'? Or is this the real world? Your love's too good for me Lay"
  • Water Runs Dry - Boyz II Men
    "We don't even talk any more We don't even know what we argue about Don't even say 'I love you' no more 'Cause saying how we feel is no longer allowed Some people work things out And some just don't know"

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