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  • What's The Matter With You (N Finn) 3:07 - Split Enz
    "What's the matter with you? Look down on everything we do I really wonder if you see today like I do What's the matter with you? What's the matter with you? You don't look cool in shades of"
  • Przed nocą i mgłą (piosenka z serialu tv "07 zgłoś się") - Alicja Majewska
    "Przed nocą i mgłą osłoń mnie, zabierz z serca samotność, cień, co tam legł. Wytarguj od gwiazd ten czas, mój czas, co zanim się stał snem. Zapal ogień we mgle, niech nie zgasi go wiatr, tyle dróg"
  • Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa) - Mc5
    "After some good tokes and a six pack We can sock 'em out for you Till you're flat on your back You know I got to keep it up Cause I'm a natural man I'm a born hell raiser And I don't give a damn I'm the"
  • Pulling Lame - Spirit Of The West
    "you put the dumbest things in the strangest places behind the door, on the floor a cabinet full of empty faces let's give it a miss this time give it a miss this time is there a problem here running through"
  • Lame Excuses - Everon
    "I may not be one to rely on Too often I'm not even there It may be that I don't care The way I should do And all of that may be unfair I know it's true That I could have made more out of my life But we"
  • Lam-'Bras - Project Pitchfork
    "Drunk noise, wake up drawning in the mind Wake up, far away a ring, wake up Climbing steps, follow me, wake up, dead Awake A world is broken down Yesterdays laugh far away Realizing the reality Tell me"
  • Wingo Lamo - Gits
    "When I'm going into the bar, I'm there trying to ignore this terror in me, I can't set it free I can't make any sense unless it's in a song and every time I try to feel I only seem to wake up lifeless where"
  • Lame To Be - Papas Fritas
    "Maybe I'm not lame And maybe I'm not lame Time won't hold my name I just signed it away Cause it's lame to be six feet underground Shame to be lost inside the sound Lost at sea and it's not time to drown Lame"
  • Lamer Then Lame - Nerf Herder
    "how do i get through to a girl like you workin at the preztel station at the mall yeah yeah beautiful lips like Strawberry Quik I saw your boyfriend he looks like a dick You won't check me out kuz i work"
  • Pierrot La Lame - Bernard Lavilliers
    "Main dans la poche de son costard, la lameFait les cent pas sur le trottoir, la lameC'est un voyou, c'est un hros, la lameC'est une star, c'est lui Pierrot, la lameAu Sud du Bronx moiti cram, engraisseUn"

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