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The Cab - Lock Me Up

  • Triple Six Suck Angels - Lock Up
    "Indelicate the stimulus Screened revelation virus Like a plague within our conscience Humanity is not a process Force fed our hallucination To propagate in mass frustration Swallow your choice of vice Pretend"
  • Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom/ - House Of Pain
    "I kicks the flava, like Steven King writes horror If I was a Jew then I'd light a menorah I got rhymes for ya, excuse me senora Are you a hore or are you a lady? Is it Erica Boyare or Marcia Brady? Let"
  • I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) - Eddy Arnold
    "I'm gonna lock my heart and throw away the key I'm wise to all those tricks you played on me I'm gonna turn my back on love gonna stop the moon above She lower my windows up with tin so the love bug can't"
  • I'm Gonna Lock My Heart And Throw Away The Key - Billie Holiday
    "(Jimmy Eaton / Terry Shand) I'm gonna lock my heart And throw away the key Cos I'm tired of all those tricks you played on me I'm gonna turn my back on love Gonna mock the moon above Seal all my windows"
  • Under Lock And Key - Trembling Blue Stars
    "You've got to stop f**king her up You've got to grow up You've got to stop making her cry she thinks you want to and you know she's right You're showing a side that you don't like You've got to trust"
  • pop,lock, & drop it - Baby Huey
    "evansescence anywhere but home missing please, please forgive me but i wont be home again maybe some day you'll all and, barely concious, you'll say to no one isn't something missing you wont cry for"
  • Hide The Scissors, Lock The Door - The Blackout Pact
    "Cracked and broken lines of speech Can you focus through this mess All sides of this place have been covered at least once Am I chasing words in circles Or searching for an answer you had for me Was anything"
  • Back Up - Screwed Up Click
    "(Hook) If you a hating ass nigga, back up (back up) If you a broke ass nigga, back up (back up) If you a fake ass nigga, back up (back up) If you a do' popping nigga, back up (back up) Now all my real"
  • Zip-Lock - Lit
    "I've been stealing Time where I can get it from I've been losing Grip on what I used to hold If I could get another chance I'd put it in a ziploc bag And keep it in my pocket Keep it in my pocket Keep"
  • The spy in the cab - Bauhaus
    "Hidden in the dashboard The unseen mechanized eye Under surveillance The road is full of cats eyes It's sick function to pry The spy in the cab. Coldly observing Callously reserving A drivers time Automated"

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