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Victoria kern

  • Should Have Known Better - Victoria Beckham
    "I should have thought a little harder But I don't know why I should have moved a little faster But I was denied Could have stayed a little longer Could have tried, oh no no But you were the dream and"
  • I'd Give It All Way - Victoria Beckham
    "I got this feeling and it's driving me wild I haven't seen you for a little while I got this feeling and it just won't go away (just won't go away) Then you came And showed me How to love this way But"
  • Bittersweet - Victoria Beckham
    "Ooh-Ooh Yeah-Yeah I never knew that we were through I was too fallen and fallen for you You walked away, out of my life, nothing to say Couldn't deny, or ask you why Why you were telling me lie after"
  • Always Be My Baby - Victoria Beckham
    "You will always be my baby There's a thousand reasons why You will always be my baby The minute I got with you My happiness doubled too You and I got it real bad And it feels real good So if this is a"
  • Back To Life - Victoria Beckham
    "Fallin' in love again Used to say, baby not me Broken hearts, torn apart All you get I'd rather be free Thank my lucky stars That you came along Took me in your arms Till you made me strong Made me see"
  • Come Together - Victoria Beckham
    "Hey hey baby, you're driving me crazy Let's get together, stay together maybe Just for the night, forever seems crazy We can do whatever, let's just come together baby Excuse me baby listen But I got"
  • I Wish (Remix) - Victoria Beckham
    "Ah, come on Ooh, who me? Come on, uh I saw you outside Getting out your ride A CLK 430, you've got style And baby there's no doubt I've been known to mess around Until the day you came along Tell me where"
  • It's That Simple - Victoria Beckham
    "You're not the only one knocking down my door (It's that simple) And I know that we've had this conversation before (It's that simple) So baby if you want me let me know (It's that simple) Just let me"
  • I.O.U. - Victoria Beckham
    "Love is such a precious gift One thing in my life I know is true And I.O.U. Deeper than the ocean bed You touch me like no one could ever do I.O.U. And I never could repay that look that's in your eyes I"
  • Me And You This Time - Victoria Beckham
    "Yes, let's do it again But just me and you this time Cos I like the thug in you, Yeah, give it up baby No, don't call your friends And I'll leave my girls too Cos I like the thug in you, yeah, give it"

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