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  • Real Hip Hop - Lil' Flip
    "Oh, oh, oh, haha You know what this is right? This the real hip hop None of that watered down shit you used to Rest in peace Big L, rest in peace Big Pun Rest in peace Left Eye, and rest in peace Aaliyah "
  • Hip hop star - Beyonce
    "Slowly as Sir Luscious step up like a Q-Dawg A-town's up, deuces down it's the new call And you can dial 1-888-CUT-SOMETHING I'm your kinky operator when you wanna f--- something Ain't no dial tones just"
  • Hip hop star - Beyonce
    "Slowly as Sir Luscious step up like a Q-DawgA-towns up, deuces down its the new callAnd you can dial 1-888-CUT-SOMETHINGIm your kinky operator when you wanna f--- somethingAint no dial tones just milestones,"
  • New Hip Hop - Binary Star
    "New types of verbal Hip-Hop I bring Here's that other shit that y'all ain't discovered yet Yes, I'm running it, like the government Hint, hint, Eric B nominated me for president And my pockets is holding"
  • Rule Hip Hop - Shabazz The Disciple
    "(Intro) You Rule Hip Hop I'm scientific in admiral hip hop The Mad Mob, yeah we Rule Hip Hop So let me grab the microphone and lick a shot (Shabazz the Disciple) Here I go wit the ill flow, the Red Hook"
  • Hip Hop Baby - Bone Brothers
    "(Chorusx2:Layzie and Krayzie) We love the Reggae and Jazz, some Rock n Roll can be cool. alternative 2, we love the Rythm and Blues. But I'm a Hip Hop baby. It's from the heart I never flip flop baby. (Verse"
  • Hip Hop Creature - Mellow Man Ace
    "( VERSE 1 ) You better run and hide when you hear my growl Cause I'm a hip hop creature, and I'm on the prowl While I'm talkin I'm stalkin, and rappers are my prey I creep at night and I sleep all day I"
  • Hip Hop Lover - En Vogue
    "Hip hop, do it 'til you drop Don't stop - don't you ever stop This is it and you know I'm comin' free style To the club to see En Vogue I'll run a country mile Dope hat combat boots I'm"
  • Hip Hop Kids - 1TYM
    "HOODY SHIR TV hana gyourur naji huinthi hanjangimyon yorumur naji irnyonnene ganun khun chongbaji hayan AIR FORCE ONE sago to saji jongiwa phenman juiojun damyon RAPur jongirhane himchage sorinage mogigage DON'T"
  • Rebel Hip-Hop - Seanchai
    "Rebel hip-hop we swing the rebel hip-hop This ain't no stoop dawn low party, Though party we do Come to the brew, I'm familiar with a few As is my crew, Very very true But there's more to this game"

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