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adrenalin lpopez

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adrenalin lpopez
  • Megadeth High Speed Dirt
    "Do it if you dare Leaping from the sky Hurling through the air Exhilarating high See the earth below Soon to make a crater Blue sky, black death Im off to meet my maker Energy of the gods, adrenalin surge Wont"
  • Silence La Troia
    "Dance, girl here before me Dance with passion, my Salome The ice gets cooler as the heat increases You'll have to crawl before tasting her kisses You've got it all Don't give it away You've got it all Niente"
  • Snails Salut Con
    "Salut, Contiin Mi-a fost dor de tine Asear fceam shopping Direct din vitrine. De vin-s prietenii Mutre cretine Cu doi la purtare i sticlele pline. Nu, nu, nu-mi spunei c sunt pierdut Nu, nu, promit c-o"
  • Absurd Minds Dreary
    "A lifeforce that had the ability to create universes Is now caught in a bodily form Feeling so weary Cause everything's so dreary Lieing on the ground Lethargy all around Thrilling moments Nowhere to be"
  • Lead Weight Useless
    "Your mind is covered by madness long ago The persuasive idea is hunting for you Your reason's preparing the plan That's all - business of a case You wake up in a cold sweat Open your eyes At some"
  • Kettcar Volle Distanz
    "Was geht in ihm vor? Denkt er denn wirklich... denkt er, er kommt damit durch? Hier im Licht. Hier im Niemandsland derer, die Leben eintauschen fr zeit. Bereit. Bereit fr das Adrenalin und die Angst, bereit"
  • Revolverheld Du Explodierst
    "Du springst vom Abgrund ohne Fallschirm Dein Blut ist Nitroglycerin Du wirst fr nichts und niemanden aufhren In Deinem Tank Adrenalin Heute ist der Tag der Tage Im Kalender rot markiert Es gibt nicht"
  • Guardians Of Time High Octane
    "Now! The race has just begun and now it's for real. It's just like a fight of blood and steel. Two tons of steel, Fumes and screaming wheels. The engine makes me fly. Torque on high. Iron meets iron."
  • Cadaverous Condition The Once And Future King
    "it beckons to us all sometimes we cannot hide it beckons us inside open the door, a knock so pure in comes the seraphim teach me things, I already know filled with adrenalin cut him down, yet he grows"
  • Verlorene Jungs Du oder ich
    "Ich werf ihn dreckig zurck du weit genau wohin das fhrt Gleich wird es knallen - gleich wird es knalln gleich brennt hier die Luft - gleich brennt hier die Luft wenn das Adrenalin, laut in mir ruft Du"

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