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  • Most days ago - Jeanie Lurie
    "ref. Most days ago on my own i got you on my phone most days ago another hope gonna be with me that night most days ago on my own i am hearing when you crying most days ago on my own. ooh. moast days"
  • Long, Long Ago - Marty Robbins
    "Tell me the tales that to me were so dear Long, long ago, long, long ago Sing me the songs I delight in to hear Long, long ago, long ago Now you are come all my fears are removed Let me forget for how"
  • Defined By Age - Rudimentary Peni
    "The gap between young and old Exists because it's what we're told The older generation or the youth of today Views and actions defined by age Defined by age - Defined by age The complacency of middle"
  • Long Ago Tomorrow - B. J. Thomas
    "Maybe I'll be the things I dream And not the things I seem Maybe I'll get to change the world Before it changes me And maybe my life Will always be Just as happy as it seems Long ago tomorrow Long ago"
  • That Dangerous Age - Paul Weller
    "(Shoop… Shoop) And when he wakes up in the morning It takes him time to adjust So sick and tired of the money (Shoop, he’s at that dangerous age) And all the life that is lost (Shoop, he’s at that dangerous"
  • Many Tears Ago - Marty Robbins
    "Many tears ago you said you loved me Oh, how happy was this heart of mine Then a dark cloud came from out of nowhere And the sun went down, no more to shine Many tears ago, I've learned too well, love What"
  • Age Of Rock - Sinner
    "Chains that we're draggin' Hidden things that no one sees With wild dreams We're stalkin' the streets Our revolution's just begun Look to the left and to the right You live in danger tonight The age of"
  • Long Time Ago - Spain
    "One time long ago When the sun had dimmed it's glow When the clouds were filled with Rain and cold That was a long time That was a long time A long time ago Love has left me all alone Her secrets left"
  • Long Long Ago - Dean Martin
    "(with Nat King Cole) {N}Long long ago {B}Long long ago {B}Long long ago {D}Well they say it was better in oh so many ways {B}Long long ago, long ago {B}They couldn't go to a movie show, listen to the"
  • So Long Ago - Vaya Con Dios
    "It was so long ago Baby so long ago Your rovin' eyes had set me on fire So long ago Maybe too long ago Your crooked smile was driving me wild The things we had together, baby They belong to the past The"

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