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  • Come See Me - 112
    "(feat. Mr. Cheeks) Baby you can come see me, Cuz I need you here with me, And I'll show you what love is made of... Later on if you are free, Baby you can come see me, And I'll show you what love is"
  • Can I Touch You - 112
    "Can I touch you baby Come here baby, yeah Can I... Can I touch you Make you feel so good I know you want me to So sweet my goodness, love so sexy Won't you come and talk to me Can I speak to you make"
  • It's Goin' Down 2Nite - 112
    "(feat. T.I.) Its goin down tonight Baby I love the way, youre Lookin at me, lookin at me Youre so amazing, you gotta Give it to me, give it to me You touch, every single part of me Ill touch, every single"
  • Crazy Over You - 112
    "I fell in love with you, T'was like a dream come true And my love for you will never end oh no Was such a special night You lay right by my side And I told you things I never told a soul And now that"
  • Funny Feelings - 112
    "Oh baby, Girl I, girl I, Got the funny feeling, Oh yeah, yes I do. Everytime I try to kiss your lips, you turn away. And when I try to hold you near my heart you just tell me not today. Well the days,"
  • Someone To Hold - 112
    "Sometimes I stare at the bed Knowing that no one's there Something is telling me That you feel the way I do I dream of you all the time Wishing that you were mine I'm feeling so empty Hoping you'll think"
  • All My Love - 112
    "When I look into your eyes I see you're lonely Won't you come with me I wanna know from you If ever you needed someone Could you call on me Let me touch you, let me hold you Let me squeeze you Give your"
  • I'll Be There - 112
    "I know it's kind of hard To get over someone And try to start a new A new relationship No need to rush cuz you Have all the time in the world Right now let's focus on How we can keep you happy You can"
  • What The Hell Do You Want  - 112
    "(Why you gotta act like that) When I say that I love you You ask me what I want When I try to care for you, whoa You say I'm trying to front When I try to listen to you, ohbaby You take it as a joke And"
  • God Knows  - 112
    "Baby tell me why, why do you question All this love that I have for you If you look into my eyes youll make an exception I will show you love like no one before Put your trust in me, allow me to be there Baby"

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