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alien alien

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alien alien
  • X-PERIENCE Blessed longing
    "Tell it only to the wise for the crowd at once will jeer that which is alive i praise that which longs for death by fire cooled by passionate love at night procreated, procreating you have known"
  • Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne Turnin' Me Out
    "please don't turn me off .. yeah... like dis... where you at shawty?... you fly as hell, swagga right, brown skin poppin you know just how to talk to me know just how i like it you turnin me on, you turnin"
  • Trauma Incertitude
    "Balancing on the surface of existence Between illusion and reality I see what I have missed before I discover the truth which proves false I let out a voiceless cry I hear steps behind my back Dominated"
  • The GazettE The End
    "Theory. Free. Treasure. Fuck. Stand up. Liberty. Raise. Past. Money. Alien. Theory. Free. Treasure. Fuck. Stand up. Liberty. Raise. Past. Money. Alien. Theory. Free. Treasure. Fuck. Stand up. Liberty."
  • The Network Supermodel Robots
    "Not quite a fembot But almost an alien She's in the smell of the month club I feel it in my lungs Lesbian junkie funky Slam dunk a cosmonaut With laser guns and having fun Biological parking lot All systems"
  • The Subways Girls and Boys
    "The world is always some kind of daydream Another message that they just don't see I won't forget The day you said The simple things They are the best I'm just a kid An alien Among the People The girls"
  • Tree Great Galactic Ghoul
    "I don't know what you've been told About the Viking probe Or the photos of Martian pyramids The evidence is obvious that there exists another form of Now on the red planet Why won't they just admit? Why"
  • The Monolith Deathcult Origin
    "Risen from the seed of Enki With consent of the God-father Anu We are the working race Created in the temples of SCH.RUPPAK The Masters ride the midnight sky In their lucent chariots of thunder Those who"
  • The Kovenant Sindrom
    "He is the prophet of the space age, intrepid seducer A nightmare to some, a revelation to others Scrutinized and labeled, He keeps on smiling Loving what it feeds on, the flame grows higher He's the prophet"
  • The Kovenant Chariots of thunder
    "Like crusades across the infinite Night swallowed light Cursed were the minions rebellion An image of the serpents creation Reveal and enter the passage Enter into the phantoms fire Constellation - a unity"

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