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angela borys lbd

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angela borys lbd
  • The Style Council Angel
    "If I could I'd give you the world Wrap it all around you I won't be satisfied with just a piece of your heart Angel, you're my Angel Dreams are Dreams and some dreams come true I found a real dream, baby"
  • Tina Cousins Angel
    "Angel (x4) Its not enough to say im beautiful Its not enough to say i care I was empty for so long But then I heard your song My jaded heart was filled with innocence forgotten with How was I to know that"
  • Eric Clapton Angel
    "All up and down the boulevard All the boys are looking hot Tryina score, tryina make a pass Anything at all, don't have to last Angel, she's afraid now She don't know about the street guys She don't know"
  • 77 Bombay Street Angel
    "Tell me where to go tonight I'm walking down a lonely row of lights I'm whispering to a picture on my phone And it's you I'm waiting for I'm sitting on a sidewalk and I grow my hair It's only five o'clock"
  • Adriano Celentano Angel
    "Angel, si dice in giro che vivi come un gatto Angel, che cos'hai fatto perche' quel fiato corto. Ma non lo vedi sei una sirena ma non ami il mare non sai che fare se vivere o morire Angel, lui se n'e'"
  • Type O Negative Angel
    "I'm looking straight in the mirror of truth I am not a model I've lost my youth maybe I see the hell maybe the paradise but one thing I surely know that my spirit will be rised Angel I want to be with"
  • Apple Fiona Angel
    "Apple Fiona Miscellaneous Angel Angel come on down from heaven yesterday Stayed with me just long enough to rescue me And she told me a story yesterday About the love between the moon And the deep blue"
  • Amanda Perez Angel
    "It's been five months since you went away Left without a word, nothing to say (nothin to say) When I was the one, who gave you my heart and soul, but it wasn't good enough for you No.. Oh oh oh oh So"
  • Leona Lewis Angel
    "I feel it, you feel it That this was meant to be I know it, you know it That you were made for me We can't deny this any longer Day by day it's getting stronger I want it and you want it It's what"
  • Uriah Heep Angel
    "Can't go to sleep without you starring in my dreamsI can't get you out of my headI close my eyes, you're always thereI lock the doors, but you're comin' up the stairsCan't stay awake, I know I have to"

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