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  • Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger - Hangnail
    "When we start to fight and you play your stupid games, the frustration sets in and I just can't think straight. I know that tomorrow will bring a new day. We'll be friends 'till the end, but it won't last"
  • Blind Faith - Face Of Anger
    "deep inside I've been force-fed lies and only lead astray I've been nailed to the wheel and left behind and only cast away now you can never break me never take me the lines that crack my face are real..."
  • Bulldog - Face Of Anger
    "I know no pain inside my shrine the world grows cold I lose my mind the wounds inside that just won't heal the pain now grows I learn to feel look in my soul you'll see it's true look in my soul I live"
  • Concrete Hammerhead - Face Of Anger
    "you've stumbled in now fortified now taste the hate where worlds collide breathing in your life subsides knowing that your hands are tied... rage concrete hammerhead lord of all that makes you dead king"
  • Dead Man - Face Of Anger
    "intro: I am the dead man walking I am the dead man walking I am the dead man walking ...the last of my bloodline there is a pain that burns inside from the truth I cannot live or hide destroying all that"
  • Downcast - Face Of Anger
    "lay out the spade in a nation of hate where the color of skin rules all now see the hands of the dealer of lies where the weak are humbled and fall and my hands are tied in this world's demise now borrowed"
  • Faceless - Face Of Anger
    "dig through the dirt where I now lay see the penance that I now pay I'm alive in the devil's hatred where nothing is sacred in me now kiss the throne of fist and bone my apathy invades you my holy will"
  • Feeder - Face Of Anger
    "deeper within the sorrow grows buried in me are the seeds I've sown I've given to you all I have to give and you turned me away feed... and I'm sober feed... and I'm colder feed... and I'm older and I'm"
  • Lead Poisoning - Face Of Anger
    "one on one you face the truth that might be your end closing shadows, guns drawn the hands of time are not thine friend and it's an eye for an eye before you die don't close your eyes or waste your time it's"
  • Octane Jesus - Face Of Anger
    "so stop pretending... that you know who I am and that you understand and stop pretending... that you feel my pain, part of your evil scam and you've only faded and you've only faded and you've only faded and"

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