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Teksty piosenek (1619)

bach ave mariaac

  • Ave Lolita - Black
    "I make no promises, I make no guarantees, it makes no difference when you're all at sea. Try me for money, you can try me for days, I'll be indifferent when you've none you can't pay. Say something good"
  • Ave Maria - Ke
    "Bring your light to this darkened room 'cos I don't remember what I'm supposed to do I need you now, I need you know When I can't bring myself to care when no-one's left to show me how I need you now,"
  • Ave, L - Os Mutantes
    "As mas envolvem os corpos nus Nesse rio que corre Em veias mansas Dentro de mim Anjos e arcanjos Repousam neste den infernal E a flecha do selvagem Matou mil aves no ar Quieta, a serpente Se enrola nos"
  • Ave End - Lacrimas Profundere
    "Let us to your heart now Let us to your soul Deeper deeper deeper But it's over and out Oh let me finish it And when it all ends I touch you And when it all ends I give you all Be mine and be higher And"
  • Gaston Ave - Astronautalis
    "Call you up on the telephone, noone answer Call again, it rings, I call again Think of stopping by or stopping in But never leave home Tripping back and forth between the bar and home Looking back and"
  • Marshburn Ave - Pistol Grip
    "A painful lesson learned just like a cigarette burn A family still intact but you'll never get it back A dissolving memory A crestfallen disease Hard times they stick like glue on Marshburn Avenue Two"
  • Bellevue Ave - Modwheelmood
    "Walked inside your place tonight, It's not where I should be. Be-Besides the circumstances, Leads me straight to sleep. Sleep at times it can decide If I should stay or leave. Realize it's not the"
  • Condor Ave - Elliot Smith
    "she took the Oldsmobile out past Condor Avenue and she locked the car and slipped past into rythmic quietude lights burning, voice dry and hoarse I threw the screen door like a bastard back and forth the"
  • Ave satani - Death SS
    "Have you ever seen the Holy Light? I want to reach all wisdom's highest degrees to write my book. I had to fight against hostile ghosts and as I reached the red doors of the spell Evil appeared. God! The"
  • Ave Maria - Regina Spektor
    "A boy on a train with a birthmark on his foreheadListening to language tapes and all he hear is birdsEveryone laughs cause he brings his own chair to the officeConvinced that the cushions will give him"

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