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  • Beautiful nightmare - Beyonce
    "Every night I rush to my bed with hopes that maybe Ill get a chance to see you when i close my eyes im goin outta my head lost in a fairytale can you hold my hands and be my guide Clouds filled with stars"
  • Bonnie & Clyde - Beyonce
    "Uhh uhh uhh. You ready B? Let's go get 'em.. Look for me! Young, B Cruisin down the westside - high, way Doing what we like to do - our, way Eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason all of my dates"
  • Sexuality - Beyonce
    "Look what you've done to meI'm losing my mindYou've got the best of meAnd it feels so rightYou've got a way you work meIt's workin me II can't help my emotions when you're dancin close to me Sexually"
  • Back up - Beyonce
    "back up chorus When you see that girl comin, back up. she aint yo average chick, back up. this is for the, the, the club. and this is for the people of the, the, the club. repeat hey back it up now."
  • I can't take no more - Beyonce
    "It's really been weighing on meTell me what did I doTo have ya'll hating on meWhen I don't have nothing to proveSometimes I shake my headWhen I'm laying down in my bedThinking bout the things been said"
  • I'd Rather Go Blind - Beyonce
    "Something told me it was over (yeah) when I saw you and her talkin.Something deep down in my soul said cry girl (cry girl)When I saw you and that girl walkin around whoo ooh. I would rather, I would rather"
  • I'm Alone Now - Beyonce
    "It really hurts to say this yes it doesBut after a while sweet love just ain't enoughSo many settle for less just becauseMaybe I'm more in love with what it wasBut what's gets so confusing babyYou and"
  • Should Have / Now I Know (Forever To Bleed) - Beyonce
    "Your all aloneI did thisI got no one else to blameYou didn't knowI was a riskAnd it's such a crying shameHow you gave me all of you and wanted nothing else from meBut to make some time for you but all"
  • Si Yo Fuera Un Chico - Beyonce
    "Si yo fuera un chico,sólo por una vezyo me vestira como quiero,con lo que vea primero y me voy.Saldra a buscarchicas por montónmis amigos que son lealessiempre van a acompańarme hasta el fincada noche"
  • Signs - Beyonce
    "(feat. Missy Elliot)In December every sign has its own modeI was in love with a SagittariusSee the emotions he put me throughFrom Capricorns to Aquarius They all got their different mindsThe affection"

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