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  • Running For Cover - Ivan & Alyosha
    "If I could wake my crooked heart If I was there right from the start To feel what it was like to be turned on If you could fly the battling wind To miss the mark correct within If your wish came true"
  • Cover My Face - Miranda Sex Garden
    "I know you're watching You know I see My face in your eyes I know you see As i run blindly From the fear I know's not real Cover my face Do not watch my eyes Let me hate for you And hate for me My face"
  • Run For Cover - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Based on 1 Peter 5:5 You muyst have seen the light somewhere along the way The flashing warning sign that you would not obey You ran the roadblock before the danger zone"
  • Cover Your Rig - ZZ Top
    "If you been out messin' and actin' a fool You best be confessin' hey, don't be cruel. Just callin' attention you probably know Don't hold on to nuthin', it's time to let go. Lay baby I want 'cha, I'm hurtin'"
  • Under Cover Names - Peter Hammill
    "No thanks for the memory, no thanks at all, no way we can wipe the slate or contrive escape from the names we're called. No thanks for the memory, here it comes again, this life running on the spot, though"
  • Keep Under Cover - Paul McCartney
    "Love, I'm Going To Pick You Up In The Morning Love, I'm Going To Take You Out On A Journey I Don't Know Where I'm Going To But I Know What I've Been Going Through Without You By My Side What Good Is Butter"
  • Run For Cover - Sugababes
    "When you, get me down Then I, get turned around I tend to, cut myself off From things, I shouldn't run from It doesn't really matter Sometimes we run for cover I'm always on the outside Stabbed me in"
  • Run 4 Cover - Basement Jaxx
    "Urgh, urgh, urgh, urgh Look at him Look at him That geezer That geezer What geezer? That geezer You see him, he's so dusty He's a M-I-N-G-E-R, minger, minger, minger, minger Run 4 cover Run 4 cover Run"
  • No Cover Song - Deep spirit
    "Is it right or is it wrong Don't wanna do a cover song Call me silly and call me fool Only because I break the damn rule Don't fit business but I don't care Music is more and more we share No Don't give"
  • Cover Your Eyes - Straylight Run
    "Cover your eyes And reach into your ears Pull out what you've heard And replace it with anything Add to your body Well take some weight Cut it and fill it in Whatever it takes Aaaohh To be some sort of"

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