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  • Tonight - Chris De Burgh
    "Tonight, I'll give you every bit of my heart, Give you everything that I've got, I don't want to lose you, Tonight, you tell me that you want me to do, Everything you want to get through, I won't let"
  • Oh My Brave Hearts - Chris De Burgh
    "Oh my brave hearts, we must leave this land tomorrow, We can't live here anymore, And in the quiet hours, we talk before the dawn; And the old hearts, they are calling from the shadows, Telling us we"
  • The Son And The Father - Chris De Burgh
    "I was walking down that road, to the place that was my home, And the memories of a life go on forever, Here's the village, here's the sea and here's the place where it began, When I found myself in the"
  • This Is Love - Chris De Burgh
    "It's the way that you move, it's the way that you smile, It's your skin on my skin, it's that look in your eye, It's the promise of you in the heat of the night, When you open your door, it's the way that"
  • This Silent World - Chris De Burgh
    "This silent world, we're living in, Nobody knows, nobody knows 'bout me and you, In silent words, we talk together, Nobody hears, nobody hears a word we say; And I would give anything to be with you now, Yes"
  • Tourist Attraction - Chris De Burgh
    "Down in the jungle, you can hear a rumble, Way up the Himalayas, in a Mexican bodega, Something is going on, People are coming, running round the world, There's no way to avoid them, they're everywhere, You"
  • Wall Of Silence - Chris De Burgh
    "Hollywood is such a dream, And when you're only seventeen, it's wonderful, A movie man said she could be a star, A beauty queen, or a cover girl, She believes and packs up her things, And the wall of silence"
  • Carry On - Chris De Burgh
    "Whatever the words that you hear, Somehow the meaning is clear, We're all on the same ship together, moving on, From the first time that life could be heard, To the last sounds of men on this earth, The"
  • I Had The Love In My Eyes - Chris De Burgh
    "Show me a man secure in his love, And I'll show you a lucky man; I loved her too well and I just couldn't tell, She was holding another hand, And when she said that she would leave in the morning, I broke"
  • This Weight On Me - Chris De Burgh
    "Some are talking of revolution, they've got guns and they got cash, But nobody knows, nobody gives a damn, So they call in the television who are happy to oblige, And this nothing story's on the news tonight; I"

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