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  • Under The Gun - Cliff Richard
    "Looking at baby's face I saw the plight of the human race Dying to survive Shaken by the irony the anger rose inside of me And would not, would not subside I thought you're too young to understand That"
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls - Saxon
    "A city divided The West and the East Tear down the walls And give them release People are marching They're out in the street Shouting for freedom Shouting for peace How many more children (*) Must die"
  • End Of The World - Zombina And The Skeletones
    "Hey, if you got atomic blood And nothing to waste it on I'm a sexual vampire I'll eat your love tonight I said hey, in the wreck of the subway train Trapped and wasted away Cos nobody saw the hands I'll"
  • Initiate Murder Sequence - Leng Tch'e
    "(lyrics : Sven) How can one decide on the fate of a whole nation? How can one decide on global exctinction by pushing a button? Life to you is a contest for power Basing your judgement on monetary rules cashing"
  • The Vicious Cycle - Kaospilot
    "It's hard to rise. When another weight is put on your broken back. We give with our left hand with our right hand we take ten folds back. It's not our acts that kill it's more the fact that we never act."
  • Dressed Up - Sesame Street
    "Dressed up All dandied and dressed up All feathered and pressed up And feeling so fine Dressed up In our best formal design Outshine all the rest of you Aren't we devine? We beg your pardon but Fancy,"
  • Missile Command - Gaza Strippers
    "Third leg straight to the brain ? ? Lock and load, ?, count it down Take me on a one-track ride Missile command Missile command ? snake wrapped around my leg ? ? Maybe I should cut it all Missile command Missile"
  • High octane fuel - GBH
    "I've got a turbocharger, on my car,without that power .. we wouldn't get far.Let me take you back to when power first began,rubbing sticks together can't be a lot of fun.High octane fuel ..I've got fuel"
  • Today's Gonna Suck - Blame the City!
    "Wake up in the morning Know right away Hit your snooze button And you say TODAY'S GONNA SUCK! You're running late Taking to long Mom's rushing you No time for food Lose a contact down the drain Gotta"
  • Mother Nature's Writing - Del Amitri
    "Open up your eyes, Everything is crying out this could be your time She fell out of the sky, Must every star been working on Heavenly designs A crooked line of lightning, a silent movie moon Mother"

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