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camptown races

  • Skips - Alexz Johnson And Tyler Kyte
    "I feel my heart doesn't fit 'Cause it beats too many times And it skips Running races in my head and then I feel my hands don't work Touching your skin in the dark I was put here to watch Not meant"
  • Message Beneath Contempt - Raised Fist
    "go i got a poster with a message beneath contempt bunch of insects their mistakes are so frequent one injection of new life in new ideas takes us so much further from finding peace first i find myself"
  • I'm Alert Ice - Eric Maliet
    "Cold as ice Say i'm cold as ice Say i've never shed a tear (but i know there's more than that) Say i'm locked up in my fears (but i know there's more than that) cause i spent so much time denying that"
  • You Never Had It So Good - Frank Sinatra
    "(S. Cahn, J. Van Heusen) The life and land around you is good, so good, so good. You never had it so good, you never had it so good, You never had it so good, you never had it so good, You never had"
  • The Same Parents - Enigma
    "We all have the same parents Many million years ago Why can't we live in freedom Without hunger; with no war? At the beginning We all had one mother and one father That's where we descended from I don't..."
  • Insomnia - Bif Naked
    "I have recently graduated from light sleeper to insomniac, and quite frankly I find it startling. I lie there, staring at the dark ceiling, and wait. Wait for sleep to smack me square in the jaw. It"
  • Touch Me (Radio Edit) - Rui Da Silva
    "You'll always be my baby I'm always thinking of you baby Yeah, yeah Touch me in the morning And last thing at night Keep my body warm baby, You know it feels right Take a little higher, I'm thinking it"
  • Amendment - God Forbid
    "You Go Retribution (Retribution) Handed down to you (Handed down to you) Generation (Generation) To generation (To generation) Guilty by (Guilty by) Association (Association) We are laid to rest (Laid"
  • I Believe In Tomorrow - Brave Combo
    "I believe in tomorrow The day that all wars will cease The day all nations will know They can all live in peace. I believe in tomorrow The day equality reigns The day all races and creeds Get along without"
  • The St Sylvester's Day Of The Living-Dead - Bloodshed
    "This last night of the year Prepare people to their end Something strange happens Cadavers raise from their grave The Dead of the year Return from the darkness Holocaust in horror of the Living-Death"

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