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cheryl lynn

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cheryl lynn
  • Wheeler Cheryl Blessed
    "Dancing in our rooms, you knew all the moves Thinkin of Mom in saddle shoes, it was amazing Laughing family, long Monopoly Sunday night TV, Adam and Hop Sing We were as blessed as blessed can be You and"
  • Wheeler Cheryl Summer's Almost Over
    "Summer's almost over and I'm crying but I don't know why Sentimental old fool, weeping for this blue, blue sky And the way the cat is sleeping and the way the garden grew Wagging dogs who lick my face"
  • Cheryl Cole 3 Words
    "I met a guy at the club, I let him know I'm love, I met a girl at the bar, I let her know who you are. I told her you are the love of my life and, one day your gonna be my wife. We are gonna have some"
  • Cheryl Cole Boy Like You
    "(*Adams, Cole / *Prod. by A honey like you, a sugar like you, a boy like you She wants a boy like (me) You want a girl like what (I want a girl like you) You want a girl like what (I want a"
  • Cheryl Cole Don't Talk About This Love
    "(*Chris Braide, Nikola Bedingfield / *Prod. by Syience) I'm in so deep I'm scared to death It's like I could drown It's effortless I feel so juvenile Emotions going wild Love is brutal My Heart is fragile Please"
  • Cheryl Cole Fight For This Love
    "Too much of anything can make you sick Even the good can be a curse Makes it hard to know which road to go down Know when too much can get you hurt Is it better, is it worse Are we sitting in reverse It?s"
  • Cheryl Cole Happy Hour
    "(*Carsten Schack, Kenneth Karlin, Priscila Renea / *Prod. by Soulshock & Karlin) Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah How can I know what you mean when you never ask How can I drive you crazy when I've got no"
  • Cheryl Cole Heaven
    "(*Adams, Cole, Stacy Barthe / *Prod. by My sacrifice, my paradise, my happy ending to the least Every day and every night, I'm wanting, I'm wanting, I want you And until the end of time, I'll"
  • Cheryl Cole Make Me Cry
    "(*Adams, Cole, Caleb Speir / *Prod. by If you're trying to hurt me, like I hut you Then you win and If you're trying to love me, like I love you Then we win and If you're trying to finish what"
  • Cheryl Wheeler Cat Accountant
    "My cat accountant taps his furry head His visor's green and all my numbers are red His little lamp is burning all the time And what is his used to be mine His calculating is so round about Einstein and"

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