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  • Gag (Bonus Track) - Chimaira
    "After years of endless torture You try to come back Likeness of an unwanted child grow Simplified case of defamation Left her bleeding thrown out the window Try to compete the good one I'll never understand What"
  • Black Market Bonus - Crime Mob
    "Rap is like cocaine you'll get addicted when I spit a verse, Crime Mob to yo brain you think thats bad, my style, well heres yo worst, Crime Mob stackin figgas yeah we biggas so dont think you tough, any"
  • Bonus Track 1 - Boysetsfire
    "Not in the running But this rain is nothing new to me anyway See my reflection No where near who I should be The spirit is willing But the anchors of my flesh do hold me down With every distraction I lose"
  • I Wish ( Bonus) - Danity Kane
    "(verse 1) Dawn when you said that you were leaving. i didnt understand the reason. and all i wanted was to keep you here. cause you know i really need you here. ooohh. and you know i aint been sleepin cause"
  • Chase (Bonus Track) - Rage
    "Murder, you've murdered my love Senseless you wasted her life Power I need for revenge My pain you can't comprehend No! you've turned off the light of my life I'll wait for my chance I will hunt you"
  • Mirror (Bonus Track) - Rage
    "Hey you, take a look at me now Have you ever seen the face of death Have you noticed me somehow Not more than rotton flesh and bones... But there's more than molecules That make you different from a stone Mirror,"
  • 2113/Bonus Track - Coheed And Cambria
    "In our sleep, there's more to this nightmare. Will she beg for your mercy? Slowly but sure, I'm hoping what comes in the absence of love. At night, she'll kick and she'll fight, should they fill in his"
  • Tunnel(bonus track) - The Used
    "I set out alone, Crawl through the tunnel, My eyes can hardly see the other side, No longer cold, Or feeling in trouble, I realize that I am just alive.... So let it shine, Cause we are, the light in"
  • Quiet (Bonus Track) - John Mayer
    "midnight lock all the doors and turn out the lights feels like the end of the world this sunday night there's not a sound outside the snow's coming down somehow i can't seem to find a quiet inside my mind 3:02 the"
  • (Unknown- Bonus Track) - John Mayer
    "Midnight, lock all the doors and turn out the lights Feels like the end of the world This sunday night Theres not a sound Outside the snows comin' down Somehow i cant seem to find the quiet inside my"

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