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color gitar kendji girac

  • Color By Numbers - The Scenic
    "It's been over half a year, and these same old stupid love songs have not lost their appeal I am stuck here hanging on, to every stupid word and every stupid song I just don't know anymore I'm a bit"
  • Gitara - Parokya Ni Edgar
    "Parokya Ni Edgar Bakit pa kailangang magbihis Sayang din naman ang porma Lagi lang namang may sisingit Sa twing tayo'y magkasama Bakit pa kelangan ang rosas Kung marami namang nag-aalay sayo Uupo na"
  • Gitara - Religijne
    "Nawet gdyby mnie gitara,słuchać już nie chciała,nawet gdyby niecierpliwe struny się splątały,REF. To ja śpiewać nie przestanę oj nie,nie,nienigdy wierzyc nie przestanę ze Ty słyszysz mnie, upartym pukaniem"
  • The Gift Of Color - Billy Gilman
    "Chorus: Color, the gift of color is so beautiful Color, the gift of color is so natural Color, the gift of color Make the world so right Color, the gift of color Gonna paint your world to night Thank"
  • Color Of The Blues - Red Sovine
    "Up above me are the skies like the twinkle in your eyes These things are the color of the blues In the mail your letter came the ink and paper looked the same Blue must be the color of the blues Bluebird's"
  • Ulls de color mel - Els Pets
    "Qu se n'ha fet de les nits a la fresca, petons i bromes a cau d'orella, amagats rera un arbre sols passejant per l'herba, tot semblava tant senzill, tan real mentre et mirava els ulls de color mel. Aquells"
  • We Dream In Color - Starship
    "Dream Sequence (Wake up, wake up, wake up, time to dream) (Wake up, time to dream) We dream, we dream, we dream in color Wake me up in the middle of the night, tell me what you've seen Ivory"
  • Color Of Your Smile - Night Ranger
    "I can't believe That I survived til Friday I grab my coat And make a run for where I Hide and dream and lie all afternoon I call you up Although you work on Sunday I'm not accustomed to a lonely afternoon Inside"
  • The color of gold - Mireille Mathieu
    "Morning has come And a part of me has gone Getting free from the night From the darkness to light Everything?s new Oh? there?s a new way to go After days, after nights With that voices inside me When everything"
  • Color Of Your Spoon - Olivia Lufkin
    "Taiyou tsuki chikyuu inochi kazoku koibito tomodachi Ikari hohoemi shinrai chansu kiseki unmei odoru dansu Hikari the sea aoi hawaii ongaku speesu chuurippu Kawaii My home anata to sono egao thailand,"

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