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damion davis
  • Linda Davis Company Time
    "(Mac McAnally) Ruthie got a job And nothing went right She woke up in a nervous sweat In the middle of the night And every morning Of every day Ruthie she would end up crying, Lord And the boss"
  • Linda Davis From The Inside Out
    "(Marc Beeson/Angela Kaset) First time he laid eyes on her he kissed his heart goodbye. He nearly drove right off the road and all she did was smile. But when she burned up their first dinner and laid"
  • Linda Davis I Took The Torch Out Of His Old Flame
    "(Tim Ryan Rouillier/Leslie Satcher ) I took the torch out of his old flame Now he chasing after a faster train I used kisses sweet as rain When I took the torch out of his old flame She had a chance"
  • Linda Davis I Wanna Remember This
    "(Jennifer Kimball/Annie Roboff) It's the kind of night that dreams are made of. Not a cloud in the sky and the full moon above. I could swear the stars have all been aligned. To be leading to this moment"
  • Linda Davis In Pictures
    "(Joe Doyle/Bobby E. Boyd) He got her photograph On a stand by his bed Two on the mantle And a thousands in his head He can believe how fast she changing It ain supposed to be like this Every time"
  • Linda Davis Does He Love You
    "(Sandy Knox/Billy Stritch) I've known about you for a while now When he leaves me he wears a smile now As soon as he's away from me In your arms is where he wants to be But you're the one he rushes home"
  • Linda Davis Face To Face
    "(David Malloy/Gary Burr) Oh you don't have blue eyes. I expected blue eyes. That's how I pictured you would be. And you don't have long hair. I thought you'd have long hair. So this is all a shock"
  • Linda Davis On My Own
    "(Burt Bacharach/Carol Bayer Sager) So many times I said it was forever Said our love would always be true Somethin' in my heart always knew I'd be lying there beside him On my own, On my own, On my own So"
  • Linda Davis Back To Us
    "It's not like we're falling apart But can't you feel us drifting All in all we have it all Still, something is missing We've been going through life in black and white When it could have been color It's"
  • Linda Davis Even Angels Fall
    "You found hope - you found faith Gound how fast she could take it away Gound true love but lost your heart Now you don't know who you are She made it easy - made it free Made you hurt 'til you could not"

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