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dejavu inna

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dejavu inna
  • Inna Light Up
    "Come see the sunshine, let it shine on you And this is the skylight tangled up in you And we go up up up and away Up up up and we stay Close to sun, we’ll be okay All of our days ‘Cause these are the rays"
  • Inna Wow
    "Baby don't stop, everybody get up Put your money here, uuh Don't you leave me /2x Baby don't stop, everybody get up Put your money here, uuh Don't you leave me /2x Now I think I'm ready drums confetti Party"
  • Inna Spre mare
    "Iubirea ta ce mă tine În orice vară lângă tine, Eh, eh În drumul nostrum spre mare Unde-i soare şi iubire, Eh, eh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Pentru noi Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Amândoi Vezi că sunt la scară, te-am"
  • Inna Be My Lover
    "I think I'm ready for you You take my higher, get me to cloud 9 Going to the light Yeah, you can see what you want It doesn't matter cause we shine tonight I won't let you go So baby give me more Don't"
  • Inna In Your Eyes
    "I want your body Won't live without it So turn up the party I'm feeling naughty Stay close to me, I'll be all that you need Don't deny what you want baby I want your body All I desire, you relight the"
  • Inna J'Adore
    "And if you’re really love me I’ll never leave you lonely Boy you could be my only ‘Cause you got the key Tonight untill forever As long as we’re togheter We’ll make it through whatever You got the key"
  • Inna INNDIA (ft. Play & Win)
    "I hear you calling inndia Welcome to India You don't need nobody but India She's enough to make your body go wild I can live my life here right now It's a little bit scandalous But she lives her life"
  • Inna More Than Friends
    "Wo-ah tonight, tonight we could be more than friends Wo-ah tonight, tonight we should be more than friends We're in the corner of the crowded room I want you lips, your body, boy, how soon? And if you"
  • Inna Fall In Love / Lie
    "So forget the risk and leave it all behind, Fall in love, fall in lie. So forget the risk and leave it all behind, We can fall in love or we can fall in lie. This is how it goes, not complicated, Want"
  • Inna Hot
    "GO! You belong to me... I belong to you... Fire from my heart.. Burning just for you.. When you're far away I`m in love with you Feeling that so high Walking like do you... (x2) Walking like do you... Fly"

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