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  • Gold Rush - Snoop Dogg
    "(feat. Kurupt, L.B.C. Crew) Josey Wales was known for robbin trains and things layin everybody down for diamond rings and chains It remains the same in the year you live in, see Cos if I pull out some"
  • Adrenline rush - Obie Trice
    "Get the fuck out motherfucker...Hey yo...When I step up in the bar, everybody hit the fucking floorLucky motherfuckers make it to the doorCause when I spit on mic's I spit rawWhich 'cause confusion from"
  • Rush song - A
    "On and on like a Rush song, like a long oneYou're the miss in the partnership, yeah the right oneThere will come a day when Ill bury youI will go the same way, together,Whatever there awaits us I'm gonna"
  • The Rush - Lloyd Banks
    "Nah Nah I Don't Do All That Talking Man Its One Way Or The Other You Comin Or You Gonna Watch Another Bitch Leave With Me You Know The Rush Thats The Way Shit Go Im A Fuckin Rapstar!!! Fresh Off Of The"
  • Adrenline Rush - Eminem
    "Get the fuck out motherfucker... Verse 1 Hey yo... When I step up in the bar, everybody hit the fucking floor, Lucky motherfuckers make it to the door, Cause when I spit on mic's I spit raw, Which cause"
  • Gold Rush - Dragonette
    "Hey I know you game I know you need me Say isn't it great I'm always here I, as in I As in the one in front of you I, I never lie I'll make sure that you're alright Goldrush Everyone wants some of that"
  • Adrenaline rush - Looptroop
    "Adrenaline Rush x4 Feel the heartbeat x4 Feel the adrenaline rush My name P, still the same, word to GP Y'all wanna test me, you must be CP I know that wasn't PC, politicaly correct to say Well, neither"
  • Vermilion rush - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "Rush with fury and flame in the darkest night Rent the sky with your pure, preternatural light You would come to deliver your sacred gift Leave us not 'til we've tasted your divine kiss Leave your pain,"
  • Adrenaline Rush - Twista
    "(feat. Yungbuck (Psycho Drama)) What happens when you combine the darkness with the light? I'm bringing pain like two bad nurses, and the pain from these here motherfuckin verses ridiculous thirstses"
  • Rush Hour - Ani DiFranco
    "rush hour and the day's dawning the rain came and pushed me under the awning the puddles grew and threw themselves at me with every passing car I'm shielding my guitar and there were some things that I did"

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