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dump ways to die

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dump ways to die
  • Toto Mysterious Ways
    "I must have aged twenty years in the last seven days Living on emotion, disbelieve and rage I found out the hard way life is what you make Sometimes you gotta learn to give yourself a break You can go"
  • Funkadelic Sexy Ways
    "I just want to say that I love your sexy ways I love you girl Oh I love you girl I just want to say That I need you in so many ways baby you're a turn on oh you turn me on I love all of you you sure"
  • Renaissance Ukraine Ways
    "I can hear Brazilian love songs, more every day They seem stronger on the wind--you don't seem so far away Someday I'm going to be there, someday I'll be Standing on your highest mountain looking out across"
  • Nunslaughter Atheist Ways
    "You never wondered how witches fly Hobgoblins chant in the dead of the night Ogres and fairies read their textbooks of blood While Christians ponder a vengeful God Atheist ways Merlin's stones and the"
  • Snow 50 Ways
    "CHORUS 50 ways (go go go go) 50 ways to flip a style REPEAT *4 skiddily diddily boom boom a whop a dung dem you never know say daddy me snow yes me come back again snow that begin a reading for the musical"
  • Death Primitive Ways
    "Go against the ways and experience pain Leading a life which one might call insane Bathe in the blood of the one you killed Slaughter to survive, Your needs are fulfulled Using horrid waste Some of them"
  • Dogma Unexpected Ways
    "My violent streak contradicts what I believe So thirsty for revenge its tainted everything I see I don't trust you (I don't trust you) I don't need you (I don't need you) I can't hear you (I can't hear"
  • Satanic Surfers Separate Ways
    "Hey, what's up, it's always nice to see you, my old friend Good to hear your voice again, you know, I think about you now and then but a little less each day Think about you now and then but a little less"
  • Patty Loveless Wicked Ways
    "(Karen Staley) Well it's four in the morning Rain is a pourin' When you stumble in drunk again Soaked to the bone When you find your way home Hey baby, where you been? Had a few with the boys Made a little"
  • Bryan Adams Mysterious Ways
    "Just when I thought I had it figured out, Just when I thought I had the answers, You came along so full of promises, Full of grace and second chances. For awhile I tried to shut it out, For awhile I tried"

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