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dunk dumont

Teksty piosenek (311)

dunk dumont
  • Kurtis Blow Basketball
    "They're playing Basketball, We love that Basketball, They're playing Basketball, We love that Basketball (Now rapping Basketball, Number 1, Kurtis Blow) Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way"
  • Baby Bash What Is It
    "Lemme see ya go mama go mamma Get your girls and put on a show mama Get it on the floor dip it low mama I'm a holla back when I pop my collar back Girl I see that dunka dun dunk I want all of dat Follow"
  • Kool Keith Keep On Jumpin
    "Yeah, Bronx, New York City! Kool Keith Nobody can't see me no more, or be me no more The latest rapper who is it, I don't even watch TV no more Just 16 points a night, Atlanta Hawk cheerleaders, clap when"
  • Kool Keith Star Struck
    "Red carpet, take your pictures motherfucker (Take yo' picture motherfucker) That's right Motherfuckin chaffeur (motherfucker) Drivin a motherfuckin Rolls Royce (Rolls Royce) Star struck (star struck)"
  • Kool Keith No Stress
    "No stress, cholesterol, high blood pressure Blow your asshole out like Vanessa I'ma jerk off on your little Casio sound Throw your keyboards into the wall, piss on your perception Cut off your dial"
  • Rodney Crowell Fate's Right Hand
    "Cool as a rule you don't learn in no school You can't brown nose the teacher from a dunce hat stool It's the hum and the rhythm of the birds and the bees The momma's and the poppa's and the monkeys in"
  • Tobymac In The Air
    "I had a dream last night about the other side And I must confess that it was quite the ride I had a dream last night and the fact that you weren't there Gave me quite the scare People were afloat all around"
  • Such A Surge S.U.R.G.E.
    "watch me now as i flip the script with the mike i grip i'm kicking some new shit for you to go down with the s.u.r.g.e. still fighting for f.r.double e.dom so watch as i get some style! i'm kicking and"
  • Princess Superstar Keith 'n Me
    "(Keith's rhyme) Baby, can you feel my love? I got my shorts on- And I'm taking them off Now when I saw your face I'm a believer Hey what you got the keys to my Beamer A keeper get the fever viva end receiver Oochie"
  • Doc Watson Intoxicated Rat
    "The other night when I come in, so drunk I couldn't see I hooked my toe in the old doormat and fell as flat as I could be I had me a little old bottle o' booze (and I didn't have no more) When I fell"

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