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  • Waiting To Hit - Lift To Experience
    "Waiting to In the morning glow with light so low the day begins as night shelds her skin In the aftermath of the long dark past, I'm beginning to see the light. Through drunken days and spinning scenes, the"
  • Letters to Cleo - Letters To Cleo
    "the anchor is a kickstand so i'm taking you down with me to the wrong side of the quicksand and our flashlight destiny you can be the walker i'm gonna be your wire you can be the ugly truth i'm gonna be"
  • Forgetting To Forget - Before I Go
    "holding these feelings of regret I keep forgetting to forget giving everything for a chance at this again merely observing my own fate despair lingering in wait can't help but think was it all for nothing"
  • Everyone's To Blame - You Am I
    "Lets take on the world, forget that you feel a girl Once you're away, everyones still the same If I could rip at your shirt just to see if it'd hurt Everyday's golden day, when you've got someone to blame Could"
  • Shortcut to moncton - I Mother Earth
    "Between the doors, shakin' heads and thinking Light about who you're with, where you are Blue lightning hittin' trees and lighting Roads won't let me get too down 'cause Sometimes you can be let down You"
  • To - Dragovic Doris
    "Milijun puta odes pa se vratis u moj dan, izdaju me duh i tijelo kad te ugledam A ti nebi, a ti nebi, nebi bio to, da ne ljubis me kao andeo Ja se zovem ljubav, sreca mi je prezime. Ako zelis uzmi moje"
  • To - Kasia Kowalska
    "Będę patrzeć, aż wypatrzę Cię Spośród wielu innych podłych świństw I choćbyś nawet w kamień zmienił się I w tej postaci żył Wiesz dobrze, że pamiętam nieprzespanych nocy lęk Znam dobrze każdy moment, każdy"
  • TO - ZUSJE
    "szukam gdzie bym mogła poczuć to bapab pap pa bababa pap he he he szukam miejsca gdzie bym mogła poczuć to tego tak naprawdę pragnę ogarnę to daleko mi do talentu a kocham to ciężko życie zmienić w bajkę taki"
  • Best place in the world to leave - I Against I
    "I don't know why i came in the first place it seemed o.k. backThen but now i just don't knowAppearances deceive this town is a pretty town to leave oh homeSweet home, is what it never wasTo me, looking"
  • I want to spend my lifetime loving you - Marc Anthony i Tina Arena
    "Moon so bright, night so fine Keep your heart here with mine Life's a dream we are dreaming Race the moon, catch the wind Ride the night to the end Seize the day, stand up for the light I want to spend"

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