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  • We Are (& Tabb) - Remo
    "This is your bones We want to make it up To your soul Leave it all behind To find a new I ... Can you feel that groove? You have to fallow it with your buss No you want to dance With no turning back We’re"
  • Borrowed Wings - Jim White
    "That night we drank wine from the crazy well. Shot a shotgun out the window of our automobile. We was young, we was wild and we sure had our fun. Until the sheriff caught up with us and we tried to run."
  • Winter Birds - Ray LaMontagne
    "It's the Widow now that owns that angry plow, The spartan Mule and The Crippled Cow The fallow field that will yield no more, As the fox lay sleeping beneath her kitchen floor The stream can't contain"
  • Folk - Thrice
    "your once a sweet little girl, so innocent and pure, your eyes were open and sure that anyone could look right in, and i fallow closely your gaze, you looked up towards the sky, and i watched your face"
  • Fucking Ada - Ian Dury And The Blockheads
    "Moments of sadness, moments of guilt Stains on the memory, stains on the quilt Chapter of incident, chapter and verse Sub-heading chronic, paragraph worse Lost in the limelight, backed in the"
  • You will always hurt - Waterdeep
    "First there was the dawn and i couldn't sing a song to you then there came the rain but i couldn't seem to blame you Sometimes it rains sometimes it snows on you sometimes it sleets sometimes it"
  • Shady Lives - Quarashi
    "OPEE I feel that funky feeling though my brain Its Friday night im feeling Trying to keep friends asleep but they are planning for what's eating, See grandma sleeping, So grab the phone, What's worse,"
  • The Grand Design - Edenbridge
    "A fallow land, a plan so grand To bring all to its prime A silver flame, out of where we came It's the silver flame of time (chorus) A sylphlike view, an old mirage A paragon of beauty A land of leal"
  • Toba The Tura - Forgive Durden
    "''Toba the Tura'' So you're Ahrima, collusive dreamer I watched the lamps fall, you pushed them over They say you're gifted, well I just see a scared kid They must have flipped it, your skills are latent Oh,"
  • Labba ling - Ice MC
    "A labba ling a labba labba ling ling ling A labba ling a labba labba ling (boom) A labba ling a labba labba ling ling ling A labba ling a labba labba ling (boom boom) Me seh come ina this little sweet"

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