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ginny come leatly

  • Come Home - Placebo
    "Stuck between the do or die, I feel emaciated. Hard to breathe I try and try, I'll get asphyxiated. Swinging from the tallest height, with nothing left to hold on to. Every sky is blue, but not for me"
  • Come Again - General Public
    "there's been so much eye for an eye now i can't tell which cheek to turn look how we double deal just to keep the pack at bay ah now i'm asking the whys & whens he's coming back for a second term and i'm"
  • Vero Come - Tiromancino
    "Amava l'alba cosa vede nel sole, solo un cerchio bruciato e consumato lei che era nuovacome il primo giorno, come la prima ora sola al tramonto volevo andare via che quasi volo, mi sfioro' vero come il"
  • Come Together - Primal Scream
    "Come together oh oh Come together oh oh Come together oh oh Come together Kiss me, won't you won't you kiss me Won't you won't you kiss me Lift me right out of this world Trip me, won't you won't"
  • Y'all Come - Porter Wagoner
    "When you live in the country everybody is your neighbor on this one thing you can rely They'll all come to see you and never never leave you Saying y'all come to see us by and by Y'all come y'all come"
  • Come on - Client
    "I'm just too young to be lonelyIm just too young to be wiseAnd I recognise the feelingAnd Im going to take whats mineYou and me togetherJust too good to take it slowSo its sooner now than neverLets get"
  • Come Closer - Dirty Pretty Things
    "Hails to the chancers As boredom kills like cancer We need dreams For the romancers And I'm looking to you Well, the life's so lonely I need my one and only If you know love Come on and show me Now I'm"
  • Come Alive - Leona Lewis
    "I don't mind if it rains for a century I don't mind the rain I don't mind if you're here laying next to me I don't mind the pain So put it on me, put it on me, ah Put it on me, I want you back Put it"
  • They Come - Nocturne
    "Paralyzed by fear As the vultures pick at my feet And my skin is simply ripped off In the blackness of the void The merciless punishments of man Are treated with nonchalance They Come They Come For Me Winged"
  • Come Mai - Nomadi
    "Come mai l'uomo quando cresce torna piccolo? Forse perch crede di essere grande. come mai parlando Tra amici si fanno affari perch si crede di imbrogliare meglio, d come mai fingi di esser chi non sei. Come"

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