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hortnica stary wiarus

  • Star - XIII.stolet
    "Star hrab pe zv A v n odpov si dal e tu nen vykoupen Ve zdech hradu zstal sm V noci sny nepichzej A nikdo by ho nehledal Tady v kraji zapomn Kdy star hrab vzpomnal Star hrab v, o tajnch zkoutch Strnky"
  • Star - The Hollies
    "(Clarke / Sylvester / Hicks) I was jiving along in my big cadillac saw a thumb going up, I said Driver go back Played her a track from my latest LP Getting bad vibes she hadn't recognized me She said"
  • Star - Saint Etienne
    "Does it pay to be so good? Spend my whole life doing all that pays. He said I should, all the time. See the people having all the big fun That could be mine, Should be mine. Now I want to be a star. For"
  • Star - David Bowie
    "Tony went to fight in Belfast Rudi stayed at home to starve I could make it all worthwhile as a rock & roll star Bevan tried to change the nation Sonny wants to turn the world, well he can tell you that"
  • Star - Extreme
    "Star, you're a star Yeah, be careful what you're wishin' for All your dreams comin' true Star, yes you are You're now bigger than venus and mars You can run but you can't hide Son you're gonna make it,"
  • Star - Jain
    "get it get it up get it on the ride I’m the captain of my own life hide in front of my eyes I’m gonna make you mad billionaire got tones of them fear is on the rise and rules are by my side music goes"
  • Star - Fusion
    "I feel a star shining down on me I've been searching in the stars above For an answer to my prayers (Have) been seeing violence and not much love Seems like no one even cares, no no I can feel a star,"
  • Star - Primal Scream
    "Are you solid Are you solid as a rock Have you a strong foundation Or can your soul be bought It ain't true that Everybody's got a price I sing this song for everyone Who stands up for their rights Every"
  • Star - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan 18 Til I Die Star What cha wanna be - when you grow up What cha gonna do - when your time is up What cha gonna say - when things go wrong What cha wanna do - when you're on your own There's"
  • Star - Kate Walsh
    "Safe driving to Mars, safe driving to Venus My past dont mean anything to me Pray, twinkle again Pray, and I dont wish on you to hard 'Cause clovers dont care about me And I cant afford to lose you, star Oh,"

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