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imagion dragons demons

  • La Fille Et Les Dragons - Le Vent Du Nord
    "C'est une jeune fille qui voulait se promener C'est une jeune fille qui voulait se promener Bras d'sus bras d'sous tout du long d'un vert bocage Avec trois jeunes dragons qui sont en ermitage Avec trois"
  • Demons and Diamonds - Powerwolf
    "Light I never see the light I never see you Never hate you Down tonight Whoa, light I never see the light I never feel you Never hate you Down tonight Whoa, light I never see the light I never feel you Never"
  • Wake The Demons - Full Blown Chaos
    "We are the unseen Locked down and driven out Too long we sleep in dreams Inside nightmares unwind Today we rise The wait is over Burn down walls of shadow Tear through reality You cannot hide the dark"
  • Angels and demons - Angra
    "Dreams -- sensations you proveAre taken from natureYou find those emotions are true in your mindFight against the kingdom of fearSooner or later they'll try to convince you are wrongBut I'm sure..We're"
  • Posted With Demons - Future
    "i was tryna tell you: be cool Cause i ain’t never wanna see you go through it I ain;t even have tyo trap no more Cause i was doing it too fluently i told myslef i would never rob nobody and then en up"
  • Sleep demons sleep - Grave Flowers
    "Late at night alone againHas ceased to think and understandI'm introvert nothing pleases meI'm on the edge please set me freeWhy can't my demons sleep, why can't they surrenderThey are bringing me down"
  • Release the demons - Godsmack
    "What do you see in the dark when the demons come for you If only you could have seen how fucked up my life used to be then everything starts to change supposedly healing my pain I never thought I'd feel"
  • Legion Of Demons - Cage
    "Up from his kingdom of fire his legions come swarming Unholy warriors cry, a dark day is dawning Crushing the snow and the ice, they stand by the millions Dealing with the devil's device, they'll bring"
  • Sweet Song (Demons) - Bloops
    "The e-mails gave us our start And from then on you had my heart Remember, Remember, the 5th of November It started that too short December You are not my backbone You are my keystone They were drowning"
  • Demons And Angels - Primal Fear
    "Attacked in the cold, I lay to the ground And I'm starting to freeze Touched by the dark I travelled the desert In the days of bad dreams, Bullets redeem And I saw the black rain Hunted by demons I was"

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