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  • We Must Awaken - KMFDM
    "Our children's minds are poisened with filth And our judges are afraid to cast that filth into the fires of rightousness Children of darkness Children of light Children of darkness Children of light Violent"
  • If I Could See An End - Savoy Brown
    "Simmonds/Raymond-Chrysalis Music Ltd. Lord knows I try to smile To say that things have always been the same The more I look around The more I feel that I'm the one to blame Can't face the truth just"
  • Out Of The Ruins - Pat Benatar
    "It began as a summer just like the rest Hopeful and filled with emotion Lovers enjoying their sweet conquests Pledging undying devotion He felt the warm winds encircle his heart; Softly, gently caressing"
  • Hats Off - The Connells
    "You love to change your mind. Hate to see you lost in your ignorance, or is it just indifference? What goes on behind? What goes on within you, without you, there's nothing to you. Why are you so blind? Why"
  • My, My - Seven Mary Three
    "my my stomach hurts again tonight she says: and crashes on her floor cuts what she can't untie ties it to a door if mercy was a cattle call she didn't hear she didn't want to play the role of the fool"
  • I Feel Alright - Electronic
    "I can feel the undertow Of a force that I don't know Reaching deep into the night It just makes me feel alright And sometimes when I'm alone When I need to speak to you I call you up when you're at home To"
  • Early Retirement - Belvedere
    "There's nothing now, just sit and stare While lying on his rocking chair Just waiting for it to be over There was a time back When he's carried all that's brought on him And put it on his shoulder Popular"
  • Stains - Am I Blood
    "Ceiling swings over noexistent Skin becomes inflamed Shortcut narrows a distance stays Absence from this meaning Seems to suck out the liquid thoughts Rain irrigates the words Hollow ground my escape and"
  • All The Same - Fat Amy
    "half the while... you won't find a way it's always what you thought just leaving it all again, is the only thing that he's got it won't help to feel the pain, he's always too cold to care decisions that"
  • Ennui - Versaemerge
    "Cross these words right off the sheet So you've become A father of both When did prosthesis take over? I only wish we could recover Recover what we've lost This transitive thought reminds me of falling"

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