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  • Destroy The Krauts - Terrorgruppe
    "Wagner, Bach und Karaian Fahrvergngen, Autobahn Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz Rammstein, Heino, Skorpions Hofbruhaus, Oktoberfest Deutschland, Deutschland very best Heidelberg, Gemtlichkeit but many Auslnderfeindlichkeit Destroy"
  • Roll The Dice - Mickey Avalon
    "Liza was a lesbian who lived in the Bronx She used to make me dinner When the winter's were long Liza packed a pistol And a train to St. John A long lincoln contenential took a boat near and far We used"
  • Check 1,2 - EPMD
    "(Erick Sermon) EPMD.. Def Jam.. blazin.. Check it, uh-huh, YO It's E-Dub on the microphone My style be Elektra, I'm the male Syl Rhome Homes, walk around with forty-four chrome on safety, spike the mic"
  • Polon - Gottlieb Wendehals
    "Lieber Klaus-Peter, Du warst 25 Jahre unser Feuerwehrhauptmann Und deswegen verleihen wir dir heute feierlich das goldenen C-Rohr. - Und jetzt: Wasser marsch ! - Herr Wirt, die Kellner haben jetzt Pause, Wir"
  • You On A Good Day - Sugababes
    "Amelle: Are you ready, Heidi? Heidi: Uh hum Amelle: Keisha? Keisha: Yeah, Amelle? Amelle: Oh yeah! Let's go! You're messed up from your chromosomes to your enzymes Remember the time when you took my ride? I"
  • The Train - Holy Mother
    "Just yesterday I took the train So many times You went away I searched the Whole world over Never looking Over my shoulder Your silver linings Hold the key Just leave your Spare change next to me You"
  • Da.A - Fabri Fibra
    "FABRI da boris becker ai lakers da mo'better al collasso dell'etere via etere se resti dopo non disinfesti con questi in testi fino a dopo le tre vedrete che x mettere a tempo tutte ste lettere nn basta"
  • Walk This Way - Sugababes
    "(Cheryl and Amelle) Like this Walk this way You wanna talk this way Walk this way You wanna talk this way Walk this way You wanna talk this way Walk this way You wanna talk this way (Kimberley) Backstroke"
  • This Is What I Do - Rhett Miller
    "This is what I do this is what I do Jennifer 1 was a racehorse-rider Heidi was a house on fire Bernadette kept a distance we got tangled up in telephone wire I'm gonna sing this song forever about a girl"
  • Phonesex - Akcent
    "Refren:My phone is ringing or am I dreamingMy phone is ringing and it's turning me onMy phone is ringing or am I dreamingI'm gonna scream like a whore...My phone is ringing or am I dreaming...My phone"

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