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just bre athe

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just bre athe
  • Jasmine Guy Just Try
    "just try you're best in everything just try you're hardest i believe you can do it you can do it) just try to believe in yourself try not to get all upset cause you don't know ohh i try so hard to"
  • Faron Young Just Married
    "MARTY ROBBINS - JUST MARRIED Just married this mornin'. How happy they are. "Just Married" written on The window of a-their car. It broke my heart To see them drive away. I lost the one I love"
  • 28 Days Just calling
    "Hey i'm just callin to remind you of our agreementyou said you'll love me anyway that's all i saynow i'm feelingand its all to changeSomethings changes changenow i'm seeingyou think you're so hot while"
  • Kirsty Hawkshaw Just Be
    "You can travel the world but you can't run away From the person you are in your heart Be who you want to be, make us believe in you Keep all your light in the dark If you're searching for truth You must"
  • Simple Plan Just Friends
    "hey kaleb look at me stop now and talk to me do you like me as much as you say? and do you think I'm wastin my time always talking to you? 'cuz it hurts when you flirt with other girls and now i try"
  • Wonderwall Just More
    "Look beyond my face and love me I'm not the good girl you should know There was a time when I thought of you There was a time when you thought of me Look in my eyes and say you love me Look in my"
  • The Black Keys Just Couldn
    "Will you let me know, How you've changed? I can't tell, In any way, Little village, is not a town, Just couldn't tie me down, You sent a message, To my mind, Without reason, Without rhyme, Happiness,"
  • DJ Tiesto Just Be
    "You can travel the world But you can't run away From the person you are in your heart You can be who you want to be Make us believe in you Keep all your light in the dark Your searchin for truth You must"
  • Nickelback Just Four
    "I want take his eyes out Just for looking at you Yes I do I want to take his hands off Just for touching you Yes I do And I want to rip his heart out Just for hurting you And I want to break his mind"
  • Greg Brown Just live
    "Ya stare at the sunYa run run runWhen you're doneThrow down the gunAnd just liveLove has had it up to hereNothing is clearWash your eyes with tearsBe of good cheerjust live--Just live until you dieThat's"

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