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  • You Bring Me Joy - R. Kelly
    "Ooh I'm so excited, I can't help it, I'm so fortunate to be here with you girl And I promise that you are the only one for me out of every single woman in the world, yes you are And it's so much joy"
  • Empty Handed - Radial Angel
    "well i've seen the damage that you've caused well i've seen all those babies that you've killed for you and i know you are staring right at me but i know you will be waiting for me empty handed (chorus) why"
  • Runaway - Status Quo
    "Riding on a high, riding so high now Im leaving Am I running far from my own fears Im never facing up, I never face up to the reasons And never showing any of my tears Cos I leave out the back way, not"
  • Help! I Need To Know - R. Kelly
    "Chorus: You bring me joy Night and day Girl you and me should getaway I got a special hideaway Where you and me can be alone Verse 1: Oooo, baby this love making is so good that I can't picture myself"
  • La Chambre Separee (A Media Luz) - Taco
    "Contessa, of Tridessa Frequented clubs of bad taste In disguise she mine the hunter (???) Only to play with her brain Her husband at home without a notion Led a dull, secluded life Tell the night he"
  • Barnburner - Farmer Boys
    "I was sick to death With that long agony I was permitted to sit When she bound me She likes spitting in my face But I love her so much She likes spitting in my face And I tremble at her touch Cause I'm"
  • Shadows In The Moonlight - Anne Murray
    "We'll be shadows in the moonlight Darlin', I'll meet you at midnight Hand and hand we'll go Dancin' through the Milky Way And we'll find a little hideaway Where we can love the whole night away We'll be"
  • No limits - U.D.O.
    "One life - never been a riddle Black nights - live it to the max It's all extremely done No way - to colonise the middle Ride hard - desperadoes at your back Under a blood red sun In this world - up to"
  • Wicked Maiden - Impellitteri
    "Better run from the wicked maiden, she's a war machine She strikes without a warning, bring you to your knees Her realm is filled with fire, across the battlefield I see the death toll rising, a wound"
  • Silences - Mandragora Scream
    "And now Im breathin in your corpse, callin from you... A fadin of an eerie glow cellers out of sight, lanes, lanes! ...callin! Im madly lustin your haunted haze, enchanted, fading soul, I feel an ooze"

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